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Single-serve dessert fruit pizzas

Preparation time: 40 minutes
Cooking time: approximately 30 minutes
Baking time: 10–14 minutes per pan

Single-serve dessert fruit pizzas

1 package (18 ounces) refrigerated sugar cookie dough
8-inch banana, peeled and cut into 20 slices
2 tablespoons unsweetened orange juice
1 cup honey-nut flavored cream cheese spread (such as Philadelphia Honey Nut Cream Cheese Spread; you can also use Philadelphia Cheesecake Cream Cheese Spread)
2 kiwi fruit, peeled, cut into 10 slices, and halved
20 mandarin orange segments (about 1/2 cup) canned in juice, drained well
3/4 cup whole strawberries, cut into 20 slices
1/4 cup apricot 100% fruit spread

Portion dough into 20 cookies. Bake according to package directions. Remove to a cooling rack and let cool completely. Place banana slices in a small bowl and toss gently with orange juice until well coated (to prevent browning). Drain and discard juice and set bananas aside. Carefully spread each cooled cookie lightly with cream cheese. On the top of each cookie arrange 1 half-slice of kiwi, 1 banana slice, 1 mandarin orange segment, and 1 strawberry slice; set aside. Place fruit spread in a small saucepan and warm over medium heat. Drizzle melted fruit spread lightly over each pizza. Refrigerate until serving time; serve within 2 hours for best appearance and taste.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving:
  Calories: 181
  Carbohydrate: 23 g
  Protein: 2 g
  Fat: 9 g
  Saturated fat: 4 g
  Sodium: 169 mg
  Fiber: 1 g
Exchanges per serving: 1 starch, 1/2 fruit, 1/2 fat
Carbohydrate choices: 1 1/2




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