Diabetes Self-Management Bookstore
Diabetes Self-Management Bookstore

QUICK & EASY FEASTS: The Art of Convenience Cooking

Today, people want a quick solution to meal preparation that still provides delicious, nutritious meals. This handy resource clues you in to “half-scratch cooking,” the secrets of stocking your pantry, and new, innovative quick-cooking methods that will surprise you.

HAPPY FEET: Mobility, From the Ground Up

Anyone with diabetes knows that foot problems come with the territory. One of the things you can do is keep your feet strong and healthy through safe, targeted exercises. They’re collected and illustrated in this invaluable booklet.

Learn How to Put Food to Work for You

Certain foods have particular functions. Black tea can reduce the risk of heart disease. Oats can lower “bad” (and total) cholesterol. Yogurt can maintain digestive health. And grape juice can help limit the formation of blood clots. Find out which foods perform which health job — then put them to work for you!


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