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Diabetes Self-Management’s Hidden Secrets of Natural Healing —
Using foods, supplements, and more to slow or even reverse the complications of diabetes

For the first time ever, the experts at Diabetes Self-Management magazine have reviewed every conceivable natural, complementary, and alternative treatment to bring you literally hundreds of ways to control and manage your diabetes.

There are countless techniques — many drawn from cultures and medical traditions other than our own — that could improve the management of your diabetes and your overall well-being. Even if you’re a healthy skeptic, isn’t it time you at least familiarized yourself with the options?


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Diabetes Self-Management’s Hidden Secrets of Natural Healing is a landmark volume that summarizes, defines, explains, and details in everyday language how the solutions offered by complementary and alternative medicine can work for you.

This illustrated, easy-to-read reference is a must-have for your health library. Inside, you’ll discover how everything from Chinese herbal remedies to guided-imagery techniques are being used successfully to treat a range of health issues...including diabetes.

Some therapies once considered to be alternative or complementary are now considered conventional because they have been shown to be safe and effective. Others, however, may be ineffective or even harmful under certain circumstances. For this reason, people with diabetes are encouraged to discuss their use of any complementary or alternative therapy with their conventional health-care provider.

The more you inform and educate yourself about any alternative or complementary therapy you’d like to try, the better chance you have of avoiding the ineffective ones and making the best use of therapies that can help you attain and maintain a high degree of diabetes control.

Diabetes Self-Management’s Hidden Secrets of Natural Healing is a wide-ranging, encyclopedic overview of complementary and alternative medicine — written specifically for people with diabetes.

Diana Guthrie is Professor Emeritus at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. She was trained in both traditional and nontraditional care, is certified in holistic nursing, and is a recipient of the American Diabetes Association’s Outstanding Educator Award.

Diabetes — An Overview

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

First Things First: Self-Assessment

What’s Out There: An Introduction to Alternative Medical Systems

Mind-Based Techniques

Body-Based Therapies

Exercise: What It’s Really Good For

Supporting the Mind-Body Balance

Nutrition: The Basics

Diets: Have You Tried This One?

Herbal Remedies

Biofield Therapies

Magnets, Light, Color, and Sound

CAM Therapies for Diabetes Complications

Developing a CAM Program

Appendices: Glossary of Terms, Complementary and Alternative Therapies at a Glance, Setting Up an Exercise Program, Super Foods, Vitamins and Minerals, Herbs at a Glance, Body-Mass Index Chart for Adults, Foot-Care Checklist

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