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Diabetes Self-Management Bookstore


Now it’s easy to wake up the rich, robust flavors in everyday cooking — and eat healthier than ever before! Herbs, spices, and seasonings enhance the mouthwatering natural flavors of the foods you love — without unhealthy added fat, sugar, or salt.

Just a dash of the right seasoning is all it takes to turn ho-hum flavor into seconds-please sizzle. Enrich soups, stews, and poultry with the four classic herbs of fine French cuisine. Add a pinch of hot pepper to cornbread batter for deeper flavor. Grate a dusting of nutmeg over baked puddings or steamed carrots for extra sweetness.

Your Herb & Spice Finder makes it easy to select the perfect herb or spice for everything you cook. Hang it on a hook or tuck it in a drawer where it’s always handy. It’s laminated for years and years of wipe-clean use. Best of all, the Herb & Spice Finder is YOURS FREE to keep just for taking a look at the new Second Edition of Healthy & Hearty Diabetic Cooking.


Healthy & Hearty Diabetic Cooking will help you eat healthy while you enjoy great flavor and big taste. Send for yours today!