Diabetes Self-Management Bookstore
Diabetes Self-Management Bookstore


You know how important — and often how difficult — it is to eat healthy. Well, here’s a tool that will help you do just that. This is a combination weekly meal planner and cookbook that takes the guesswork, and the drudgery, out of counting calories and organizing meals.

It’s all about great meals and great menus for people with diabetes and offers a specially selected, carefully edited collection of healthy, tasty dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks — using ingredients readily available in your supermarket or in your kitchen.

What they have in common is that they’re low in saturated fat, sugar, and salt. And — oh yes — they’re delicious! Baked ham Dijon? Thin-crust vegetarian cheese pizza? Oriental chicken stir-fry? Lean loin lamb chops? They’re all here! And best of all, they’re presented in a clever day-by-day, mix-and-match format that allows you to vary breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from day to day, as you wish — to construct a week of fabulous, healthy eating that’s NEVER BORING!


The ways to deal with diabetes are multiplying — and with new choices come new possibilities — and new responsibilities. This incredibly concise and current reference examines the benefits and potential side effects of today’s treatment options, providing:

  • An overview of diabetes drugs and a quick guide to the classes of diabetes drugs
  • A roadmap to the various forms of short-, intermediate-, and long-acting insulins
  • A chart offering generic names, brand names, manufacturer (including phone numbers and Web site addresses), and dosage strengths for oral diabetes medications and insulins
  • A look at crucial tests, what they detect, what is involved in the testing, who needs it, and when, and why


Nobody knows better than you how the field of diabetes is filled with sometimes-challenging medical terminology. In fact, most folks with diabetes end up being conversant in everything from albumin to atherosclerosis, beta cells to body-mass index. Problem is, where do you turn for quick definitions and explanations when a medical term, treatment, or concept presents itself that you don’t know about — but should?

Simply browsing through this handy mini-reference is an education! It provides concise, plain-English explanations for terms that doctors tend to toss about…but that can mystify people with diabetes.

What, exactly, do you need to know about proteinuria? Why should you be on the lookout for lactic acidosis, and what are the symptoms? What are ketones, and how and why does the body make them? They’re in Diabetes Definitions — a uniquely useful mini-handbook you’ll want to have on hand.