Diabetes Self-Management Bookstore
Diabetes Self-Management Bookstore


Fine dining was never so healthy! Breakfast on a BLT muffin. Enjoy chili tacos for lunch. Dine on oriental stir-fry. Feast on a rasberry sundae for dessert. This meal planner makes it easy to enjoy delicious, healthy food every day!

  • Convenient mix-and-match format to plan dozens of quick, easy-to-prepare meals made from ingredients you already have on hand
  • Tasty snacks to custom-tailor your daily calorie intake
  • Mouth-watering recipes for summertime potato salad, bruchetta appetizer, strawberry and banana rice pudding, and more


Get in touch with the country’s top diabetes resources at a moment’s notice!

  • This handy guide holds all the most current names and numbers of the nation’s leading diabetes associations, clinics, and research centers so you can contact any of them quickly and easily.
  • Browse among 70 entries in 26 handy categories. And put your finger on hotlines, telephone numbers, and Web sites.
  • Track down information on clinical trials, eye health, foot care, weight control, women’s health, and many other subjects.


Discover the secrets of weight-loss success. Learn how to make a plan for permanent weight loss and stick with it — no matter how often diets have failed you in the past. We’ll show you how to take pounds off for good!

  • Follow these 8 practical, proven tips to shed unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Don’t fall victim to cravings or bingeing. Here’s the secret to staying focused.

  • Discover how to fine-tune your personal eating habits.
  • Avoid the fad-diet trap and make permanent weight loss work for you.

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