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November is American Diabetes Month, and to help raise awareness, manufacturer American Medical ID will be giving away free medical ID bracelets all month.

To claim your free bracelet, “like” American Medical ID on Facebook starting on November 1, then provide your information using the “Free Diabetes Medical ID” application. IDs will be available in two styles — a black silicone band with white letters and a white silicone band with red letters — and will come in two sizes. The bracelets are completely free — there are no shipping or handling costs.

“Leading medical institutions and diabetes-related nonprofits recommend the use of medical IDs for people with diabetes. It is our pleasure to offer this program as a way to help provide safety and peace of mind to everyone in the diabetes community,” said Rick Russell, President and CEO of American Medical ID.

For more information, visit the American Medical ID Facebook page.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.


  1. I wish people would do their promotions via the web as well as Facebook. I won’t be on the site, but I miss out on stuff for no particularly good reason.

    Posted by Deb |
  2. I don’t know too much about free bracelets but for the strips.. there is an amazing rebate by one touch. here is the link


    Posted by Michael Shepard |
  3. I am T2 and on insulin sliding scale 4x a day. I wish I could have that on my bracelet too.

    Thank you for the free bracelet. It is very kind.

    Posted by Robbin McManus |
  4. Great services to the diabetic community..Keep up the good work!

    Posted by M C Mays |
  5. i have just become dependent on insulin and am on two niddle 12 units in the morning and then on the sliding scale i sometimes crash and black out i could really use one of your free bracelets

    Posted by Gary Miles |
  6. My Granddaughter has diabetes, she is 21, she needs a diabetic bracelet, can she get one? she also needs a vegetarian diabetes cookbook, do you know if there any?

    Thank you

    A Aron.

    Posted by Ann |
  7. hi my daughter has just found out she type 1 diabetic please can she have a braclet ( she 18 years old ) x will b insulin dependent thank you

    Posted by sandra |
  8. Gee, are there any bracelets left. I am in need of one that washes. My hands are in the water a lot at work and the free November ones are perfect. I am willing to buy one, so where can I go to get one?

    Posted by Gwen Kieso |
  9. i found out in march i am a diabetic and in may i had a liver transplantand i need a bracket

    Posted by mary |
  10. I’m a insulin dependent person.have been for many years.The free offer for the medical bracelet would be so helpful to myself and others thank you so muchfor caring.

    Posted by margaret burrows |
  11. My mum has been a type 1 diabetic since she was 12 and I have always wanted to get her a bracelet that would help if she is alone in public. (like the gym)please let me know how I can get one. I am in Australia
    thanks Petina

    Posted by petina jessep |
  12. That FaceBook link is hard to complete the ordering information. I really need one being that I am a type 1 diabetic and live alone!. Can you get another way to sign up for this free bracelet??

    Thank you kindly!

    Posted by 'Rose richards |
  13. I have been trying to get a bracelet for diabetes for 5 years now and I am told they have run out. Can you please tell me how to get one? Thank you

    Posted by Dawn Lackey |
  14. I have been trying also.but they said they werent doing it this year.I just wish there was another site for a free type 2 diabetic!

    Posted by melody Norton |
  15. Please send me a diabetes bracelet just had my toes taken due to diabetes I had no insurance at the time my insurance dident kick in until after my operation 2 day after

    Posted by therese larcombe |
  16. I am a mother of a diabetic child. She needs a medical alert bracelet that she can wear al the time. She was dianoced in September of 2013.

    Posted by Jessie gardner |
  17. I have type 2 diabetes and would like the free medic alert bracelet.how would I go about getting one?

    Posted by douglas snider |
  18. I would like 2 of you diabetic bracelets please one for myself and one for my brother thank you so much

    Posted by phillis warren |
  19. Do you still do the free diabetic bracelet thing? If so, how may I order one? I was recently diagnosed as T2. Thanks, Anita

    Posted by Anita Gray |
  20. Hi
    November is almost here is the wrist diabetic awareness
    Band still happening?

    Posted by Sandra |

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