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Diane Fennell

Men at Higher Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

More than 100 million people worldwide have Type 2 diabetes, and in many parts of the world, men have higher rates of the condition than women. A recent study from the University of Glasgow in Scotland suggests a possible explanation for this…

David Spero

Sex Hormones and Health

Over 50% of men with Type 2 diabetes have lower than normal testosterone (T) levels. Men with Type 1 also tend to have low T levels. Now research shows that women with diabetes often have low levels of estrogen (E), and that raising E protects against kidney and heart disease in this population…

Tara Dairman

Low Testosterone Levels and Type 2 Diabetes

A new study has found that a significant number of men who have Type 2 diabetes may have low testosterone levels, a condition that can trigger erectile dysfunction but can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy.

Joe Nelson

Depression in Men

As a middle-aged man, I am at a point in my life when the idea of seeing a doctor for any reason has become a bit threatening. I am frightened of what the doc may find when he starts poking and prodding my aging body. As with any machine, the body begins to break down, and even with regular maintenance (exercise, meditation, and good food), it is still going to develop some minor problems.

Tara Dairman

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction: Two New Studies

Two recent studies offer information and hope to men who have diabetes and erectile dysfunction. The studies have indicated that healthy lifestyle changes as well as certain medicines can help men with diabetes improve their sexual function.

Joe Nelson

Independence vs. Dependence

In my practice, I’ve seen some married couples lately that remind me of my own family of origin: the man has diabetes that he controls with insulin and has great pride in his ability to deal with it without depending on anyone else, for anything. These men do not tell anyone they have diabetes unless they are forced to do so (by severe hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose levels, for example), and they believe they need little advice on managing the condition.

Joe Nelson

Sex and Diabetes

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