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What’s the diabetes world buzzing about today? Diabetes Flashpoints focuses on hot topics in diabetes, ranging from airline policies for overweight passengers to whether a higher HbA1c is healthier. So jump right in — leave a comment, send us your ideas — join the debate and let your voice be heard!

Chocolate to Fight Diabetes?

A new study shows that eating chocolate regularly helps reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Can chocolate help people who already have diabetes, too?

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Metformin for All?

Metformin is recommended as the first-line drug for Type 2 diabetes, but doctors disagree on how strong the evidence is in its favor. Should everyone with Type 2 take metformin?

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An Aspirin a Day?

A new study sheds doubt on some of the benefits of daily low-dose aspirin. Which people with diabetes are likely to benefit from this preventive therapy?

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Bills and Empty Pockets

A new survey finds that many people with private health insurance still pay large sums in out-of-pocket medical costs. What should be done?

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What to Drink?

A recent study shows that milk may be problematic, joining other beverages with known health risks. What should you be drinking?

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Fasting for Blood Tests

A new article suggests that fasting for routine blood tests may be unnecessary and even harmful for people with diabetes. Is fasting more trouble than it’s worth?

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The Price is…Taboo?

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High Spending, Poor Results

Health-Care Systems

Unhealthy Entertainment?

Mediterranean Gorge

Good Acid, Bad Acid?

Statins in the Spotlight

Test Strip Trouble

Errors and Apologies

Carb Counting

Is Self-Monitoring a Waste?

The Same, But Different

Eat Junk! (Slam Dunk)

Long-term Anxiety

Obamacare: Day 1

To Nap or Not?

Doctor Payments: Public Information?

Type 1 and Eating Disorders

Medicaid Cuts

Insulin in Schools

Ads for Aspartame

Food Warning Labels

Skipping Breakfast

Doctor Pay Incentives

Stairway to Health

Medicare and Chronic Care


Graze or Gorge?

Red Meat Risk

Doctor Ratings

Say No to Joe?

Rename Type 2?

Diabetes and Cancer

Fired for Diabetes

Gastric Banding vs. Bypass

Paid to Lose Weight

Diabetes Scare Tactics

Money From Mistakes

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Fewer Calories, More Obesity?

Errors and E-prescribing

Diabetes From Sugar?

Medicare Mail Orders

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To Screen, or Not to Screen?

Too Old to Diet?

Whole Grain Hoax?

Snack Attack!

Medicare Spending

Menus and Miles

Aging Doctors

Delicious Temptation

Forbidden Fruit?

Diabetes Strikes Back

Hear Ye?

Doctor–Patient Ethics

Coffee vs. Tea

Early Workouts

Voting Health Care

Standing at Work

Workouts at Work

Trashing Veggies

Gym Class: Is It Necessary?

Wine = Fine?

Food Insecurity

Setting the Mood

Diet vs. Exercise

Breakthrough or Tease?

Paying for Care

Food Stamp Rules

Junk Subsidies?

Fiber for Fullness

Concierge Medicine

Fructose for All?

Health-Care Spending

Junk-Food Ads

Skipping Meals

Smaller Gulps

Retail Clinics

An Eye-Changing Experience

Video Games for Exercise

Food Concerns

Slow Eating

Naturopathic Remedies

Corrupting Coworkers

Exercise Comfort

Fast-Food Factors

DNA Decisions

Stronger Smell = Smaller Bites?

Trails to Wellness

Statins and Your Muscles

Diabetes Drugs Without a Prescription?

Statins and Diabetes

Doctor Delays

Giving Up on Weight Loss

Cake for Breakfast?

Carb Quality

Denying Coverage = Good?

Too Mean to Paula Deen?

Exercise Incentives

Diabetes and Income

Driving With Diabetes

Doctor Gifts & Payments

To Nibble or Not?

Shorter Exercise = Better?

Obesity Counseling: Wasteful?

Medicare Privatization

French Fries & Pizza = Veggies?

Killed Bill

Diabetes from Plastic?

The Payment Gap

Paying for Long-Term Care

Health and the Economy

The Social Networks

Should Job-Based Insurance Retire?

Telemedicine: A Smart Solution?

Obesity Screening for Kids?

Portion Perfection

Starch Clampdown!

Health-Care Cuts

Mail-Order Meds

Intensive Control Update

Serving Size Slyness

Intensive Control

Food Ads for Kids

Fighting Fatigue

Health vs. Money

Diabetic Apathy?

Meal Timing

Single-Payer Health Care

Appetite Reduction

Disparities and Decline

Old vs. New

McDonald’s = Obese Kids?

Health Insurance Mandates

Exercise and HbA1c

Drug Marketing in Court

Type 2: Autoimmune?

Sweet Poison?

No Diabetes Allowed

Controlling Carbs

Insulin Innovations

Going Vegetarian

Race and Obesity Treatment

Vitamin D for Diabetes?

Taxing Calories

Generic Drugs, Sooner?

Skipping Insulin

Accountable Care: Should You Care?

Toxins and Type 2

Asian-Americans and Diabetes

Money Talks

A Face of Diabetes

Gestational Screening

Unaware of Free Care?

Co-pays and No-pays

Snooze Blues

Lean on Protein

High-Risk Failure?

Awareness = Prevention?

For Diabetes Only

Health at the Polls

Diabetes From Education?

Cardio vs. Resistance

Wisdom of Crowds

Drugs, Data, Decisions

Avandia’s Farewell

Doctor–Patient Confusion

Britain: Scrap Avandia

CDC and FDA: Don’t Share!

Calorie Counts…Someday

Atkins vs. Low-Fat

Prescription Veggies?

Medicare and the Health Act

Mobile Management

Diabetes From the Womb?

Less Choice, Less Cost

Fructose Fracas

Snacking for Weight Control?

Medicaid Funding Limbo

Sexual Health and Weight

Going Portuguese

A Half-Dose a Day Keeps Diabetes Away

Exercise Discipline

Managing Teen Diabetes

Avandia on Trial

Bariatric Surgery For Children?

Drinking and Diabetes

Opinions for Sale?

Fast Food Fright

Prevention in the Health Act

Inhaled Insulin

Child Obesity Initiative

Supplement Safety

Pump Problems, People Problems

Higher HbA1c = Healthier?

Avandia Face-off

Salt Shake-up?

Premium Hike

Doctor–Patient Gap

Corporate = Conflict?

Artificial Pancreas?

Frozen Awareness?

Depression Treatment Deficiencies

Pharma Pay Cap

Diabetes Prevention Funding

Glycemic Education

Mobile Sharing

Sitting Targets

Rewards for Wellness

Thanksgiving “Vacation”?

Genetic Protection

ADA Supports Congress

How Sweet It Is

Smart Exit?

Pills for Pounds

Anti-Antioxidant News?

Calculations and Control

Diagnosing Diabetes

Eating Up Health Care

Smart Choices?

Food and Friends

Costs of Amputation

Creating Treatment Guidelines

All You Need Are Goals?

Drugmakers for Health Reform

Swine Flu, Round Two

Dogs for Diabetes

Southern Girth

Virtual Visits

Medicare for More?

Cupcake Clash!

Bariatric Bother?

The Case for Bariatric Surgery

Trusting Doctors

Supreme Media Coverage

Insulin in Court

Vitamin Pickle

The Promise of Type 1 Research

Doctors in Pharma’s Pocket?

Rating Medical Treatments

“United” in Discrimination?

To Approve or Not to Approve?

Perspectives on Pokes

Obama Health Reform Plans

A Faustman Bargain? — Part 2

A Faustman Bargain? — Part 1

Insulin for Type 2?

A Tax to Fight Obesity?

Who Should Give Insulin in School?

Diabetes Mind Games?

ADA Gets Behind Bariatric Surgery

Diabetes From the Air?

FDA: Stifler or Savior?

Bariatric Surgery: Beware

Diabetes: The Toxin Connection

The Carb Battle

Why I Low-Carb

Low-Carb: Not For Everyone

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