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Do you have diabetes?
Do you celebrate some sort of holiday this time of year?
Do you make concessions and allow that it’s going to be difficult and that the lack of your typical “I Have Diabetes” routine might lead to some slip-ups, but so what?
Do you hate that you can’t say so what, if you can’t say “So what”?
Do you fight the temptations?
Do you give in?
Do you rationalize?
Do you brush it all off and say to yourself you deserve whatever it is you’re about to deserve?
Do you adhere to a strict regimen to accommodate your condition, all the while everyone around you jokes about how hard it’ll be to lose the few extra pounds?
Do you say, “December’s always adding extra points to my HbA1c!” and then laugh and joke about how tough it will be to bring those numbers back down (and then continue to snack from the buffet)?
Do you overbolus? Underbolus? Decide to not think too much about it?
Do you check your blood glucose a lot more?
Do you put blood glucose checks out of your mind?
Do you cash in 50 weeks of mostly wonderful self-management for two weeks of so many celebrations’ delicious and overabundant food?
Do you take joy in carbtastic desserts and starchy entrees and sweet drinks, or do you exercise self-control?
Do you succumb to guilt after the joy you take in those carbtastic desserts and starchy entrees and sweet drinks, if, of course, you don’t exercise self-control.
Do you have self-control, or self-restraint, or some other self-sorta-something that allows you to turn away from the next helping, next course, next trip to the table that has those wonderful things that have that spice, or sugar, or are cooked to perfection and that you really never should allow yourself to have but you think, well, come on, you’ll just have one more (and then another, maybe) because this time, this time of year, because, well, it is this time of year, and that’s what this time of year is for, isn’t it?
Do you think it’s worth it to let it go a little right about now?
Do you think it isn’t worth it to let go a little, and then you do, and then you’re sad, and then you beat yourself up over the letting go?
Do you let diabetes interfere with your holidays?
Do your loved ones let your diabetes let them interfere with your holidays?
Do you hear from your loved ones about what you’re putting into your body at a holiday gathering, or why it is you have your illness, or what it was a friend or daughter or uncle or brother or mother unfortunately had happen to them because they had diabetes and they never had any of the types of foods I see you’re eating (let’s nod at your plate there, shall we? tsk tsk!) and still, let me tell you what happened to them, and isn’t that horrible, and wouldn’t you think it would be better if you had, well, let’s just not eat that, but then, what is it you can eat, because you surely can’t be eating that, should you?
Do you luck out and avoid these conversations?
Do you endure?
Do you have an understanding family, compassionate friends, nonmeddling colleagues?
Do you enjoy the time that this time of year can give you for contemplation about how fortunate you are despite your illness?
Do you think about the good aspects of your living with your illness, that, whatever it may be, you’ve been able to find some sweet with the sour, something that you know about yourself because of your diabetes that you didn’t know before you had diabetes (if you can remember, or are able to remember who you were before you had diabetes)?
Do you know…
Do you know that I’m done with this week’s blog. That’s all.

Wishing you all a Happy, Happy Holiday season?


  1. I decided a long time ago that I was going to have a few pig-out days a year. I think the idea came from Lois Jovanovic — it helped the children she was working with deal better with the daily restrictions.

    So on Thanksgiving, I did (and the result wasn’t too bad — all I had was a piece of chocolate cake for dessert — didn’t eat the mashed potatoes, or any other carbs for dinner)

    And on Christmas, and on my birthday, I will, too. If I have to take a little more insulin to cover it, so be it. I’ll be right on my diet again the next day with no regrets.

    Posted by Natalie Sera |
  2. Eric - Merry Christmas good health and thank you for excellent column.

    In november I made my dark english fruit cake - soaked 3 lbs of raisons and currents in 1 cup of madera wine and 1 cup of pusser rum for 24 hours.
    Added extra fruit, made batter and cooked for 5 hours.

    Wraped cake in cheese cloth and soaked with another cup of madera and rum. Sealed tight for one month in fridge and opened in December and now eating. Glucose meters go nuts.

    Now getting ready to smoke turkey on saturday.

    I have managed to keep my weekly BS average to 166
    through this fire fight.

    Having a drink and listening to Christmas carols.

    Best wishes - Happy New Year.

    Posted by jim snell |

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