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David Spero

Diabetes and Your Mouth

Here’s a good diabetes New Year’s Resolution. Repeat after me: This year I will take care of my mouth!

Jan Chait

The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the Tooth

Another week has passed and I finally made an appointment with my dentist to take care of the tooth that got pulled out by a piece of candy a couple of weeks ago…

David Spero

Are We Flossing Yet?

Sorry to keep nagging you, but a new study shows that dental care also saves money (in addition to improving overall health). People with diabetes who got regular gum treatments lowered medical costs by $2,483 per year, on average, compared to people who did not…

David Spero

Diabetes and Your Gums

After five years of writing about diabetes, I still think gum care is among the most important and least appreciated aspects of self-management. Studies keep showing how gum (periodontal) disease and diabetes make each other worse. So are you flossing yet?

Jan Chait

First It’s This, Then It’s That…

I’m up at some ungodly hour of the morning. Not that it was planned. But I was in bed, dozing peacefully, when phantom pain decided to hit. It felt as if a knife was being thrust into my left foot and lower leg. Every time the knife struck, my leg would jerk violently. Not a good sleeping atmosphere…

Diane Fennell

Detecting Diabetes at the Dentist

As the headlines often announce, diabetes is epidemic in the United States, and diagnosed cases of the condition are only the tip of the iceberg: An estimated 7 million people in the country have undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes, while a majority of the suspected 67 million Americans with prediabetes are undiagnosed. But now, researchers have identified a useful — and perhaps surprising — resource that can help in the battle to detect untreated cases of diabetes: the dentist…

David Spero

Beyond Diet and Exercise

David Spero

Watch Your Mouth!

David Spero

Too Many Drugs

Web Team

What We’re Reading: Diabetes and Oral Health

Eric Lagergren

Drilling for Blood Glucose

Amy Campbell

Nutrition and Dental Health

Tara Dairman

Article of the Week: Disease, Treatment, and Oral Health

Tara Dairman

Article of the Week: Choosing Dental Care

Tara Dairman

What We’re Reading: Diabetes and Gum Disease

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