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So this week I’ve been a traveling diabetic. Our tour started Monday night in Auburn, Alabama, and from there we went to Nashville and last night played in Birmingham. We have a long drive today to Savannah and we plan to do what we always do on long road trips: Anytime we stop for gas, we check and see if the gas station sells compact discs, and if they do, we purchase the worst-looking one.

Once we are back on the road, the titles of every track are read aloud and we try and guess which songs will be ballads. The drive to Birmingham was the album I Love You Like You Are by Ray Parker Jr. of Ghostbusters fame. The title track, “I Love You Like You Are,” made Murray spit a bit of popcorn out of his mouth. It may be one of the funniest albums I’ve ever heard, and the “smoothe” photos in the album insert are phenomenal.

Murray and I have decided that when we return to NYC, my wife is going to have to take some smoothe portraits of us.

Offending America one city at a time, our first show in Auburn was great, and I met another member of the “tribe.” No she wasn’t Jewish, she had diabetes (and had had it for 19 years). We had the immediate bond that everyone with “the Brimley” has, and she also came out to our show in Birmingham last night. Her boyfriend, Mitch, played bass on a few songs.

As we go from town to town, it is a bit difficult to eat as healthily as I’d like. Thankfully, my sister-in-law Heather prepared a home-cooked meal for us last night. We ate some great jambalaya before the show.

Traveling every single day, I’ve also noticed that I’m constantly asking myself “Where is my Lantus?” Every stop we make, I try and put it in the refrigerator first thing, but sometimes we go straight to the venue we are playing for a sound check and it has to sit in my bag. I didn’t bring an extra vial this time, so I’ve gotta make sure it goes everywhere I go.

In other Stuckey and Murray news, our video for the “Ukulele” song should go up on heavy.com today. Check it out for a good laugh. I’m off to Savannah, Atlanta, and Jacksonville. If you have friends in the area, send them to the show. The info is at www.myspace.com/stuckeymurray.


  1. Pocahontas here posting for “the tribe”, as I sit on my buffalo rawhide from my teepee in Birmingham.

    It’s funny how “The Brimley” can always make a mutual connection out of complete strangers. Like you might find a diabetic Navy Seal come across a diabetic Jihadist Suicide Bomber and, once it’s discovered that they are both tainted with “Mr. Liberty Medical”, we just might finally have ‘Peace in the Middle East’.

    So “check your blood sugar and check it often” ’cause we be some special people with “die-a-bee-tus.”

    Posted by Missy |
  2. I just HAD to comment on Missy’s comment (05/06/2007). I laughed out loud on the closing immitation of Mr. Brimley. I’m at work & am going to be in big trouble for doing such an outburst! I don’t care! It hit me just the right way! Thanks!

    Posted by Sharon |
  3. Loved the “Brimley” reference. Made me crack up thinking of us at DL’s Farm.

    Posted by RickW |

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