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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell is the author of Staying Healthy with Diabetes: Nutrition and Meal Planning and a frequent contributor to Diabetes Self-Management and Diabetes & You. She has co-authored several books, including the newly revised The Joslin Guide to Diabetes and the American Diabetes Association’s 16 Myths of a “Diabetic Diet,” for which she received a Will Solimene Award of Excellence in Medical Communication and a National Health Information Award in 2000. Amy also developed menus for Fit Not Fat at Forty Plus and co-authored Eat Carbs, Lose Weight with fitness expert Denise Austin.

Amy earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Simmons College and a master’s degree in nutrition education from Boston University. In addition to being a Registered Dietitian, she is a Certified Diabetes Educator and a member of the American Dietetic Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Since 1995, Amy has been Diabetes and Nutrition Educator at Joslin Diabetes Center, where she is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of disease management programs, including clinical guideline and educational material development, and the development, testing, and implementation of disease management applications. She has developed and conducted training sessions for various disease and case management programs and is a frequent presenter at disease management events.

Hype or Healthy? Ezekiel Bread and Whey Protein

Can Ezekiel bread and whey protein fit into a diabetes a meal plan? Read my opinions on these two popular food items…

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Hype or Healthy? Chia Pudding and Bulletproof Coffee

This week, I’ll discuss chia pudding and bulletproof coffee. Are they good for us? Read my verdicts and decide if you agree or not…

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Soup Really Is Good Food

Being a native New Englander, I’m beginning to brace myself for the cold weather ahead. I admit — I’m not a big fan of frigid temperatures, sleet, or snow, but one thing I really can appreciate about the big chill is soup. Soup has a lot of good things going for it, but not all soups are created equally nutrition-wise…

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Color Me Healthy

When was the last time you gave some thought to color? Maybe you were trying to decide if that pink blouse goes with that orange skirt. There’s more to color than just decorating or assembling an outfit, however. The choice of color can affect your health and your mood…

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Whittle That Middle: A Trimmer Waistline Improves Your Health

Last week, the Journal of the American Medical Association featured a rather grim article on the state of the U.S. waistline. While BMI may not be changing much, we still have a bit of a problem. Abdominal obesity and the average waist circumference in U.S. adults actually increased from 1999–2012…

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Kids Get Type 2, Too

If you think of children and diabetes, what comes to mind? Probably children who have Type 1 diabetes. And while children are more likely to get Type 1 diabetes than Type 2 diabetes, the prevalence of Type 2 in kids is steadily increasing…

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Brain Training: How You Can Learn to Like Healthy Foods

In my years as a dietitian, I’ve talked with plenty of people who have told me that they just don’t have a taste for fruits or vegetables or whole grains or skim milk, for example. But might it be possible for people to learn to like foods that are good for them and turn off their taste buds for the less healthy foods? Scientists seems to think so…

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Nutrition for Neuropathy

Roughly 60% to 70% of people with diabetes have some form of neuropathy (nerve damage); the risk for the condition increases the longer you’ve had diabetes. Not surprisingly, good nutrition can go a long way in helping both to prevent and manage neuropathy…

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How Much Do You Know About Diabetes? Six Facts to Get You Thinking

One of my favorite lines from the movie “Moonstruck,” starring Cher and Nicholas Cage, is delivered by Olympia Dukakis: “What you don’t know about women is A LOT!” (Great movie.) Similarly, when it comes to diabetes, people unfortunately don’t know a lot about it…

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Techie Tools to Help With Weight Loss

There’s still no magic bullet for weight loss. I know, we all keep hoping for something quick, easy, and painless that will melt the pounds away with little or no effort. While we wait for that to come along, you might be interested in some new gadgets that are on or soon will be on the market that might at least make it easier to drop some pounds…

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