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DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women in Los Angeles

If you’re a woman who has diabetes, then you’ll want to check out the upcoming 2014 Weekend for Women in Los Angeles, California, organized by the nonprofit group DiabetesSisters…

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Researchers Seek Women With Type 1 for International Study

If you have Type 1 diabetes and are in your first trimester of pregnancy or are planning to become pregnant, researchers at the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute want to hear from you…

Diane Fennell

Vitamin D Decreases Pain in Type 2, Study Shows

Vitamin D lessens pain in women who have Type 2 diabetes and depression, according to new research…

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2013 Weekend for Women

If you’re a woman with diabetes, you’ll want to mark your calendar for the 2013 Weekend for Women in San Francisco, organized by the nonprofit group DiabetesSisters…

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Signs a Woman Is Headed for a Heart Attack

In honor of American Heart Month, we’d like to highlight a recent study from nurse-researcher Dr. Jean McSweeney of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences…

Amy Campbell

Making Changes for the Change of Life

This week’s posting is really aimed at women (sorry, men) who are or who will be soon entering menopause. Menopause marks another phase of a woman’s life, signaling that her reproductive years have ended…

Diane Fennell

Weight Gain and Gestational Diabetes

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What We’re Reading: New Tax Benefits for Nursing Mothers

Amy Campbell

Osteoporosis: Yet Another Complication of Diabetes? (Part 1)

Tara Dairman

Article of the Week: Urinary Incontinence

Jan Chait

Just Itching to Share the News

Tara Dairman

New Guidelines for Lowering Women’s Heart and Stroke Risks

Tara Dairman

What We’re Reading: Diabetes and Disordered Eating

Joe Nelson

Women’s Sexual Health

Amy Campbell

Magnesium: Give This Mineral Some Respect

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