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Weight Loss Information and Support

by Quinn Phillips

Web sites emphasizing diet
This Web site, developed by a doctor, offers free software programs that can be used to track caloric intake and pounds lost. These programs include a calorie diary, which automatically accesses a database of nutrition information when the user enters a food (it also has an activity log that calculates calories burned); a recipe diary, which tallies the nutrients in recipe ingredients; and a body-fat calculator. Each software program requires Microsoft Excel to operate.

Members of this Web site can keep track of exercise and daily calorie balance, as well as plan out meals and exercise programs online. The site can be used to generate specific meal plans that are low in carbohydrate, conform to the Mediterranean diet, are vegetarian, or that follow no particular eating pattern. Membership costs $2.99 per week or $77 per year. For an additional cost, members can also access articles or take a 12-week online course on overcoming emotional over-eating.

This site provides nutrient information for nearly every food imaginable. In addition, there are articles on weight loss, heart health, and diabetes control, as well as recipes and a blog on nutrition.

This Web site has a free nutrient database as well as an online, paid membership area. Members can access a personalized online plan for meals and exercise, articles on weight control, and an online discussion community. Software available for download includes a nutrition and exercise manager, a diet diary, and a diabetes log. The site contents were reviewed by the Joslin Diabetes Center. Membership costs $12 per month or $144 per year.

This site features an online food diary that is linked to a nutrition database, as well as an exercise log and a forum for discussion. Members can create charts and reports of such information as calories burned through exercise and projected weight loss. Membership costs $9 per month.

Other Web resources
This portion of the American Diabetes Association Web site allows members to log how much they walk, based on pedometer readings. When walking goals are met, the site administers virtual rewards in one of two rewards programs (“Evolving Story” or “Virtual Dog”). Message boards enable members to share information and stay connected. Membership is free.

http://ndep.nih.gov/publications/PublicationDetail.aspx?PubId=118You can find a toolkit published by the National Diabetes Education Program called Small Steps, Big Rewards. This program is based on the Diabetes Prevention Program study and encourages small changes in lifestyle which can help lower the risk for those with prediabetes of developing diabetes and help those with diabetes better manage their condition.

This site provides forums for discussion of weight-related topics. Sections include Diet and Motivation, Weight Loss Methods, and Nutrition and Recipes. Specific forums include Newcomers, Local Community Weight Loss, New Moms, and Weight Loss Diary.

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