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Virtual Diabetes Management
Programs and Devices to Meet Your Needs

by John Hughes

Lifescan offers the OneTouch diabetes management software to work with its OneTouch blood glucose meters. Any OneTouch meter with a data port and cable can have its stored blood glucose readings transferred to the OneTouch software using the OneTouch USB Interface Cable. The program has extensive reporting and graphing options designed to help the user spot trends and patterns in blood glucose levels. Reports generated by the program can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed.

ezManager Max from Animas accepts data from the full range of Animas insulin pumps and from Lifescan blood glucose meters. Pump and meter data are used to generate reports and logs that can be viewed on-screen, printed, or e-mailed to your health-care provider. One useful feature of this program is the ability to create a graph that compares blood glucose readings with insulin use and carbohydrate consumption. Note that this feature only works if you store insulin and carbohydrate data in your insulin pump or if you manually enter this information into the software. ezManager Max is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

The CoPilot Health Management System from Abbott Diabetes Care is a Windows-based program that works with Abbott’s line of glucose meters. The software offers graphical trend analysis, detailed reports, and the ability to share data with your health-care team — features similar to those of previously mentioned applications.

AgaMatrix, the maker of Wavesense blood glucose meters, offers data management software called Zero-Click. As the name implies, its main distinguishing feature is that it loads data and creates charts automatically when you plug your meter into the computer.

Mobile management
Most diabetes-related applications, or apps, for smartphones are made for the iPhone (and, therefore, also often work on the iPad and iPod touch). But many apps exist for other devices and platforms, as well. So depending on what kind of phone you have, browse the iTunes App Store, Android Market, Amazon Appstore, or Blackberry App World to see what is available.

WaveSense Diabetes Manager is an iPhone app from AgaMatrix (the maker of WaveSense meters) that lets you track blood glucose levels, insulin doses, and carbohydrate intake by manually typing in that data. The program color-codes each blood glucose reading so that you can easily see when you are low (red), high (yellow), or in the desired range (white). Data can be viewed in logbook or graphical format. One attractive feature of this app is streaming video from dLife TV, with segments covering diabetes education, cooking, blood glucose control, and much more. According to the AgaMatrix Web site, the company is also working to make it possible to import data to the program using a special cable that connects its blood glucose meters to the iPhone. You can sign up to receive notice of that product’s release.

Glucose Buddy from Sky Health is an iPhone application that allows you to enter glucose numbers, carbohydrates, insulin dosages, and activities. All log entries can be edited with detailed notes and also graphed for visual representations. All data is synced with the user’s account on www.glucosebuddy.com using the Quick Sync button in the application. You can also use your iPhone to access the Glucose Buddy Forum, where you can read and post articles, post questions, comments, and other information.

iRecordit from Communiteq Systems is an app for the Blackberry line of phones. It lets users manually enter data such as blood glucose levels, cholesterol readings, blood pressure, weight, meal composition, physical activity, and doses of insulin and other drugs. Users can view stored information in a variety of formats and easily share it with anyone by e-mail. The program includes a searchable database of more than 7,000 foods with their nutrition information, and users can configure and save typical foods and meals. This means that whenever you eat a meal you’ve saved in the program, you can just refer to it by name instead of entering all of the foods individually. iRecordit can also wirelessly receive data from the Bluetooth-enabled MyGlucoHealth glucose meter.

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