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Tools of the Trade 2011

by Alwa A. Cooper

Availability: The Telcare BGM will be available through the Telcare Web site by the end of 2011.

Pen needle

BD AutoShield

Product: BD AutoShield Duo

Manufacturer: BD Medical
(201) 847-6800

What it does: The BD AutoShield Duo is designed to protect people from accidental needle sticks with two different guards — one spring-loaded guard locks over the front of the needle as soon as it is removed from the skin, and a second guard locks over the back end of the needle when it is unscrewed from the pen. The AutoShield Duo needle is 5 millimeters long and fits all insulin pens currently on the market in the United States, as well as pens for other injectable drugs such as exenatide (brand name Byetta) and pramlintide (Symlin).

Availability: The BD AutoShield Duo can be ordered through pharmacies.

Needle disposal device

BD Safe Clip

Product: BD Safe-Clip by Mail

Manufacturer: BD Medical
(201) 847-6800

What it does: This device safely removes needles from insulin syringes and pen needles. It can store 1,500 clipped needles in its reservoir, which BD estimates is approximately a one-year supply. The device can be used with 28- to 31-gauge, 4- to 12.7-millimeter needles. The BD Safe-Clip is not intended for use with lancets. When the Safe-Clip is full, it can be mailed for disposal using the included US Postal Service-approved mailing materials (including prepaid postage).

Availability: The BD Safe-Clip by Mail will be available at pharmacies in 2012.

Infusion sets

Spring Universal

Product: Spring Universal

Manufacturer: D. Medical Industries, Ltd.
(201) 849-4413

What it does: The Spring Universal infusion set offers a tubing connector that rotates 360 degrees, lowering the risk of the infusion set accidentally pulling out. The 28-gauge insertion needle is retractable, which allows users afraid of needles to avoid seeing it even when inserting it, and the 6- or 9-millimeter, 22-gauge cannula is lubricated with medical-grade silicone. The all-in-one inserter works at the push of a button, with an audible click that tells the user that the needle has been successfully inserted. The Spring Universal also includes its Detach-Detect mechanism, which blocks the flow of insulin if any part of the infusion set base comes loose; this in turn sets off the occlusion alarm on the insulin pump. Tubing comes in lengths of 24″, 31″, and 43″.

Availability: The Spring Universal is available through Edgepark Medical Supplies, at www.edgepark.com.

Hypoglycemia treatment


Product: GlucoPouch

Manufacturer: GlucoBrands
(888) 355-2220

What it does: Each GlucoPouch contains an ounce of mandarin orange-flavored gel, which delivers 15 grams of fact-acting carbohydrate to treat hypoglycemia. The pouches are designed to be strong, so they don’t burst accidentally, but easy to open, so you can get the treatment you need quickly.

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