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New Tools 2008

by Diane Fennell

Availability: PIC Insumed Syringes are available in boxes of 100 in retail pharmacies throughout the United States.

Sharps disposal container

On the Go sharps disposal container

Product: “On the Go” Sharps Transport and Disposal container

Manufacturer: MEDport LLC
(800) 299-5704

What it does: The “On the Go” Sharps Transport and Disposal container is designed to provide a means of safely transporting and discarding used syringes. Each small case, approved to hold one syringe apiece, is leak- and impact-resistant and features a temporary closure mechanism for transportation and a permanent closure mechanism to be used when disposing of the syringe.

Availability: “On the Go” Sharps Transport and Disposal containers are available in boxes of 6 and 12 online at www.medportllc.com, from Wal-Mart stores throughout the United States, and at CVS pharmacies under the CVS brand label.

Insulin vial protector

 Securitee Blanket vial protector

Product: Securitee Blanket

Manufacturer: Regato Enterprises, Ltd.

What it does: The Securitee Blanket is a small, neoprene sleeve designed to protect an insulin vial from breaking while also providing a more secure grip and making the vial more visible. The sleeves come in two sizes and in a variety of bright colors.

Availability: The Securitee Blanket is available from a number of online retailers. Visit www.securiteeblanket.com for more information.

Insulin pump

Amigo insulin pump

Product: Amigo Insulin Pump

Manufacturer: Nipro Diabetes Systems
(888) 651-PUMP (7867)

What it does: The Amigo Insulin Pump made its official debut in May 2008. This pump, which holds up to 300 units of insulin, can be programmed with four basal profiles as well as a temporary profile. It also features three bolus dose delivery options in addition to a bolus calculator that helps determine appropriate mealtime or “correction” doses. The Amigo is compatible with any standard infusion set and is water resistant at 1 meter for 35 minutes.

Availability: The Amigo Insulin Pump is available by prescription. To start the process, call (888) 651-PUMP (7867).

Combination blood glucose meter and insulin pump

OneTouch Ping device

Product: OneTouch Ping

Manufacturer: Animas Corporation
(877) YES-PUMP (937-7867)

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