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New Tools 2009

by Alwa A. Cooper

The Seven Plus includes a set of alarms that can be customized by glucose level and alert tone, including a Hypo-Safety-Alarm that lets the user know if his glucose level has fallen below 55 mg/dl.

Availability: The Seven Plus is available by prescription only and can be ordered by calling (888) SEVENGO (738-3646).

Hypoglycemia treatment

Dex4 Glucose Liquid Blast

Product: Dex4 Glucose Liquid Blast

Manufacturer: Can-Am Care
(800) 461-7448

What it does: Dex4 Glucose Liquid Blast is a quick, easy way to treat hypoglycemia — each 2-ounce bottle contains 15 grams of carbohydrate to quickly raise blood glucose level. The premeasured portion prevents users from consuming more carbohydrate than is needed and ending up with high blood glucose. Dex4 also makes glucose gels (15 grams of carbohydrate per tube), tablets (4 grams per tablet), and soft glucose chews (1 gram per chew) in several flavors and sizes.

Availability: Dex4 products are available at Costco, Target, many pharmacies, and online through the Dex4 Web site.

Pain management


Product: Buzzy

Manufacturer: MMJ Labs
(404) 805-5655

What it does: Invented by a pediatric emergency physician, Buzzy is a vibrating motor in a small, bee-shaped plastic housing with optional supplementary ice pack “wings,” designed to alleviate the pain of injections. When turned on and pressed against the skin somewhere between the brain and the area to receive the injection for 10–15 seconds, Buzzy’s thermal and mechanical stimulation confuses the brain, interrupting its ability to process pain. MMJ Labs also offers child-friendly accessories for Buzzy, including decorative stickers, a carrying case, and a set of flash cards with age-appropriate questions to distract children during injections.

Availability: Buzzy is available for purchase at www.needle-pain-management.com.

Insulin pump

Solo MicroPump

Product: Solo MicroPump

Manufacturer: Medingo Ltd.
(877) 765-6496

What it does: The Solo MicroPump is comprised of three parts: the MicroPump itself (a reservoir and a pump base that snap together), an infusion set that holds the MicroPump and a cannula in place (called the cradle), and a remote control device. It requires no tubing. The MicroPump’s reservoir holds up to 200 units of insulin, and the pump base stores information about the user’s basal rates, so the right amount of insulin is delivered. The reservoir must be replaced every 2–3 days, but the pump base can be used for 90 days before being replaced.

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