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New Tools 2009

by Alwa A. Cooper

Product: Next Generation Levemir FlexPen, NovoLog FlexPen, and NovoLog Mix 70/30 FlexPen

Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk
(800) 727-6500

What it does: The Next Generation FlexPens are a redesign of Novo Nordisk’s older FlexPens, with some key upgrades. The newer, prefilled pens require 30% less force to inject insulin, and their labels, packaging, and the pens themselves are all color-coded by insulin type to prevent dosing mix-ups. Each pen holds 300 units of insulin, and all three pens can deliver up to 60 units of insulin at a time. The NovoLog Mix 70/30 FlexPens can be kept at room temperature for up to 14 days, the NovoLog pens up to 28 days, and the Levemir pens up to 42 days. If too high a dose is dialed accidentally, the dosage knob can be turned back to correct it. The knob also returns itself to zero to indicate a successful injection.

Availability: Next Generation FlexPens are available by prescription only.

Pen needles and lancets


Product: Clickfine

Manufacturer: Can-Am Care
(800) 461-7448

What it does: Clickfine pen needles can either be screwed on to an insulin pen in the traditional manner or snapped on with an audible click, a feature intended to make attaching a pen needle faster and easier, especially for users with visual impairment. The needles come in three sizes and are compatible with all major brands of insulin pens.

Availability: Clickfine needles are available online and in pharmacies.


Product: NovoTwist

Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk
(800) 727-6500

What it does: NovoTwist needles are designed with a fitting that allows the user to twist the needle onto a pen in one motion, instead of having to screw it on with repeated twists. When the needle is attached, the user can both hear a click and feel the connection. NovoTwist needles are available in two lengths (5 mm and 8 mm) and have extra-thin walls to deliver more insulin in a smaller needle gauge with less effort. The needles are currently compatible with the Next Generation FlexPen, and future versions of Novo Nordisk pens will be designed to work with them.

Availability: NovoTwist needles are available in most pharmacies.

Tiniboy lancets

Product: Tiniboy lancets
Manufacturer: Health Innovation Ideas, LLC
(909) 946-7316

What it does: Tiniboy lancets are designed to appear less intimidating, especially to children, and are shorter and thinner than other lancets on the market. They are 36 gauge and 0.7 mm long. Tiniboy lancets are compatible with most lancing devices.

Availability: Tiniboy lancets can be ordered directly from the Tiniboy Web site at www.tiniboy.com/lancet.php.

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