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New Tools 2009

by Alwa A. Cooper

Fora D10, D15g, V10, V20, and G20

Product: Fora D10, D15g, V10, V20, and G20

Manufacturer: ForaCare, Inc.
(805) 498-8188

What it does: ForaCare’s D10, D15g, V10, V20, and G20 family of blood glucose meters are all very similar to each other, but each has a feature or two to separate it from the pack. Most notably, the D10 and D15g are both two-in-one blood glucose and blood pressure monitors. The D15g comes with a detachable blood pressure cuff that fits around the upper arm — at the push of a button, it displays heart rate and blood pressure information. The D10’s cuff fits around the wrist.

All of the meters except the D15g (which has a memory of 352 readings) have a talking function that voices instructions and readings in Spanish or English and can store up to 450 readings with date and time in their memories. The V20 has navigation buttons that allow the user to search through or repeat readings and instructions. The V10, V20, and G20 are no-code meters, and the V20 and G20 include an ejection button, making it possible to remove used strips from the meter without touching them.

All five of the meters require a 0.7-microliter blood sample, provide results within 7 seconds, and allow for alternate site samples from the palms, forearms, upper arms, calves, and thighs. All five can be connected to a personal computer via a USB port (or, in the case of the D15g, wirelessly using ForaCare’s Gateway data transfer system) to upload and analyze data with the company’s FORA Health Care System software.

Availability: ForaCare meters are available through durable medical equipment providers.

Glucocard 01 and Glucocard 01-mini

Product: Glucocard 01 and Glucocard 01-mini

Manufacturer: Arkray
(800) 818-8877

What it does: The Glucocard 01 is an auto-coding meter requiring a 0.3-microliter blood drop, which can be drawn from the fingertips or palms. Readings are returned in 7 seconds, and up to 360 results can be held in the memory. Additionally, averages can be calculated for 14- and 30-day periods.

The Glucocard 01-mini shares its required blood sample size and time needed to return a reading with its larger sister pump, but has some notable features of its own. It is smaller than the Glucocard 01, and users can order colorful, interchangeable faceplates to customize it. The meter can calculate a 7-day average as well as a 14- or 30-day average and can hold 50 readings in its memory; these readings can be “flagged” to indicate whether they were taken pre- or postmeal.

Availability: The Glucocard 01 and the Glucocard 01-mini are available from many online retail stores.


Product: MyGlucoHealth

Manufacturer: Entra Health Systems
(877) 458-2646

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