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Many people with diabetes — both men and women — experience sexual dysfunction as a result of their diabetes. Family planning is also an important concern for people with diabetes, since a woman’s high blood glucose can have effects on a developing fetus. Check out the articles in this section to learn about looking after your sexual health.

Menopause by Pat Dougherty, C.N.M., M.S.N., and Joyce Green Pastors, M.S., R.D., C.D.E.

For most women, menopause—the cessation of menstrual periods—is a normal, natural occurrence. The average age at menopause is 51, although any time after 40 is considered normal. The years leading up to the menopausal transition—a…

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New Contraception Options by Monica J. Smith

Given that approximately half of all pregnancies in the United States every year are unplanned, birth control is an important consideration for all sexually active women at risk of becoming pregnant. In the case of women with diabetes, however, precision…

Say Yes to Intimacy by Donna Rice, BSN, RN, CDE

It is a well-known fact that chronic illness can cause problems with sexual function. Today, erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, affects an estimated 30 million men in the United States. It is a problem that often leads to frustration, embarrassment, loss of self-esteem, isolation, and depression. It can also lead to strain in a relationship, particularly if a man withdraws from his partner rather than communicating openly about what he is experiencing. Men with diabetes have a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction, yet it is often ignored and left untreated…

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Sexual Wellness by Laura Hieronymus, MSEd, APRN, BC-ADM, CDE, and Lawrence Maguire, MD

“Intimacy is being seen and known as the person you truly are.”—Amy Bloom

Researchers believe that up to 50% of people with diabetes will experience some sort of sexual dysfunction at some point. But even if diabetes doesn’t directly…

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When Diabetes Affects Your Sex Life by David Spero, RN

Mike’s doctor looked and sounded concerned. “Your sugars are up, your blood pressure is up, and you’ve gained 10 pounds since I last saw you, ” she said. “You were doing so well. What happened? ”

“I don’t know,” said Mike. “I’m just down. Exercising and checking my blood glucose don’t seem worth the effort now. My neuropathy is burning holes in my feet. It’s been a hard year…”

When Viagra Doesn’t Work by Ann Ezzell and Neil Baum, M.D.

Erectile dysfunction is a common occurrence in men with diabetes. The incidence of erectile dysfunction increases progressively with age, from 5% in men age 20 to 75% in men over age 65. The cause of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes is usually…

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