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Tools of the Trade 2012

by Alwa Cooper

Availability: The iBGStar is available from Walgreens and DiabeticCareServices.com.

Pen needles
BD Ultra-Fine Nano

Product: BD Ultra-Fine Nano

Manufacturer: BD Diabetes
(888) BDCARES (232-2737)

What it does: The redesigned BD Nano pen needle is only 4 millimeters (mm) long, and has a PentaPoint, or five-bevel, needle tip (bevels are the slanted surfaces on a needle that create a sharp point; most needles have three bevels) resulting in a flatter overall needle surface. This is intended to decrease the force required to pierce the skin, and thus minimize any associated pain. BD Nano pen needles are compatible with all diabetes pens.

Availability: BD pen needles are available at pharmacies and online retailers.

Unifine Pentips Plus

Product: Unifine Pentips Plus

Manufacturer: Owen Mumford
(800) 421-6936

What it does: The Unifine Pentips Plus pen needle includes a needle remover in its packaging. It can be used with any diabetes medicine injection pen, and the used needle can be discarded into a removal container in the back of the pen package. The needles are lubricated with silicone for less-painful injections, and are available in 5-mm, 6-mm, 8-mm, and 12-mm lengths.

Availability: Unifine Pentips Plus pen needles are available from a number of online retailers.

Remote glucose monitor
mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor
mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor

Product: mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor

Manufacturer: Medtronic, Inc.
(800) 646-4633

What it does: Medtronic’s mySentry system is designed to allow parents and other caretakers of people with diabetes, who often must wake up several times a night to perform a blood glucose check, to do so from their bedsides. The mySentry system consists of an Outpost that transmits blood glucose information from a MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel pump to the other part of the system, the Monitor, which has a color screen that displays the information. The mySentry system can be placed up to 50 feet away from the pump, making it possible to remotely monitor readings from a person in another room. The system receives the same alerts as the pump does, including threshold alerts for when high or low settings have been exceeded and predictive alerts up to 30 minutes in advance of highs or lows. The mySentry’s touch-sensitive screen has an adjustable light setting and a privacy setting that hides blood glucose readings.

Availability: The mySentry system is available from diabetes product distributors, or you can order it directly from Medtronic at http://my.medtronicdiabetes.com.

Lancing device
Accu-Chek FastClix

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