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New Tools 2008

by Diane Fennell

 Evolution meter

Product: Evolution

Manufacturer: Infopia USA
(877) 936-2363

What it does: The Evolution is an automatic-coding blood glucose meter that allows users to tag blood glucose readings with meal and activity markers, making it easier to determine how food choices and exercise affect blood glucose levels.

Evolution, which is compatible with Infopia USA’s Eocene data uploading system by means of a separately available cable, requires a 0.3-microliter blood drop and returns results in 3 seconds. The meter features automatic ejection of test strips so that used strips need not be touched. Evolution has five optional alarms and can store 365 blood glucose readings in its memory. Averaging is available for 7-, 14-, and 21-day periods; the meter can also calculate averages for three time periods chosen by the user.

Data from the Evolution can be uploaded to a computer and analyzed using a standard USB cable and software available at www.infopiausa.com.

Availability: The Evolution is currently available from mail-order and durable medical equipment suppliers.

FreeStyle Freedom Lite meter

Product: FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories
(888) 522-5226

What it does: Building on the platform of the FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System, the FreeStyle Freedom Lite system is a small, no-coding blood glucose meter that features an easy-to-read display and large buttons incorporated into an easy-to-hold design. The meter has a highly visible yellow test strip port to make strip insertion easier and is compatible with FreeStyle Lite test strips, which require a 0.3-microliter drop of blood. The blood sample can be obtained from the fingertips, hands, upper arms, forearms, thighs, or calves, and results are returned in roughly 5 seconds. Averaging is available for 7-, 14-, and 30-day periods, and up to 400 results can be stored in the meter’s memory. Either the PC Link 2.6 data management software or the Co-Pilot Health Management System Version 3.1, both available separately, can be used to upload and analyze monitoring results on a computer.

Availability: The FreeStyle Freedom Lite is available at pharmacies nationwide.

Glucocard X-Meter

Product: Glucocard X-Meter

Manufacturer: Arkray
(800) 818-8877

What it does: The Glucocard X-Meter, an affordably priced, no-code meter, requires a 0.3-microliter blood drop, which can be drawn from the fingertip, forearm, upper arm, or palm. The meter is designed to allow “double-dosing,” meaning that blood can be applied to the test strip a second time if the first blood sample is not large enough. Readings are returned in 5 seconds, and the meter can hold up to 360 results. The meter can average blood glucose readings over 14- and 30-day periods.

Availability: The Glucocard X-Meter is available from many online retail stores.

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