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Disability Resources

Diabetes can cause a number of complications, including some that can affect your ability to get around. Neuropathy (nerve damage) in the feet or legs, peripheral arterial disease (diminished blood flow) in the legs, and certainly amputation can all result in decreased mobility. The good news is that a mobility-related disability need not prevent you from traveling, exercising, or working, with the right accommodations. The following resources offer a variety of tools to help you manage your disability and advocate for your rights.

How to Recover Mobility and Fitness After Injury or Surgery to Your Foot, Leg, Hip, or Knee
Sally R. Pryor and Robert L. Waters, MD
Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Post Mills, Vermont, 1991
This book focuses on temporary disability, but also includes tips on how to make the most of mobility impediments that may be permanent. Early chapters offer information on bed exercises and sitting and standing, while later chapters cover getting around outside the house (with and without assistive devices such as crutches and walkers), travel, and child-care for the disabled parent.

The A to Z Guide to Living Fully with Mobility Issues
Gary Karp
Demos Medical Publishing
New York, 2009
This book focuses on adjusting to permanent disabilities, especially those that require you to use a wheelchair. It includes practical advice about using your remaining mobility to the fullest, as well as guidance on how to advocate for yourself in the workplace, modify your home to better serve you, and more.

Mobility Problems of Adults with Chronic Conditions
Lisa Iezzoni
University of California Press
Berkeley, California, 2003
This book covers how mobility issues affect a person’s daily life — and how able-bodied people may respond to a person with this kind of disability. Quoting from a number of interviews with people who have limited mobility, the author explores the emotional toll that disability can take, as well as the physical pain and inconvenience often associated with difficulty walking.

(865) 524-8772
inMotion is a bimonthly magazine for people who have had amputations, their family members, and interested health-care professionals. The magazine includes information on the latest technology, interviews with people who have had amputations, and tips to maintain emotional well-being. inMotion is available in paper form and online.

Online information
The Disability Resources Monthly guide to disability information on the Internet sorts hundreds of different Web sites geographically by state and alphabetically by subject. A navigation bar on the right side of the page includes the site’s most popular topics, such as Assistive Technology, Disability Awareness, and Sports & Recreation.

(877) 871-0744
TTY: (877) 871-0665
c/o Institute for Educational Leadership
4455 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 310
Washington, DC 20008
This Web site, funded by the US Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, offers resources for young people who are looking for employment. It also publishes an e-mail newsletter, Intersection, several times a year, and hosts a regularly-updated blog.

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