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Making Exercise More Fun

by Richard M. Weil, MEd, CDE

A recent addition to the world of Wii games is Wii Fit. It’s an interactive fitness program that includes a balance platform you stand on, which allows you to do aerobic dance, yoga, balance games, and strength training. The software measures your performance and gives you points based on your progress, which you can compare against yourself or other players. Wii is a great way to challenge yourself, get a workout, and have some fun.

An attitude of fun
Ultimately, having fun during exercise may come down to your attitude. If you think of physical activity as a chore, it won’t be fun. But if you think of the 30–45 minutes you set aside for exercise as a break from your daily cares, it will be a lot more appealing. So challenge yourself to reframe your activity time with a positive spin:

Call it “me time,” time to spend on your needs alone.

Think of it as an opportunity to spend time with people you enjoy, in a class or group activity.

Rather than be resentful that you have to exercise, decide to be grateful that you can, then embrace every step or movement that you make.

Pay attention to the physical changes happening in your body: lower blood glucose, lower blood pressure, firmer muscles, more stamina, etc. Focus on these changes taking place when a workout feels boring.

Remember to give yourself credit for moving at all, even if your progress seems slow or you don’t see obvious gains. Keeping a journal or simply marking your calendar with a big X or check mark for every day you exercise will help you appreciate your accomplishments.

Use your gym-acquired fitness to participate in an activity you really enjoy. For example, go hiking, biking, or walking outdoors on weekends, or plan an active, outdoor vacation.

Exercise is beneficial for your health and fitness, and anything you can do to make it more enjoyable is a positive thing. So get out there, try some new things, and figure out how to make exercise fun for you!

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