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Finding Help for Kidney Disease

Membership in the NKF is available for both health-care professionals and those without medical training who have been affected by kidney disease. For nonprofessionals, membership is free and includes a newsletter subscription. Anyone can also subscribe to the NKF’s e-mail newsletter.

(818) 543-0896

The RSN is yet another organization that serves people with kidney disease, but it is run by patients and focuses on nonmedical services. These include Kidney Talk, an Internet streaming-audio show that covers various topics related to kidney disease; an annual National Patient Meeting with featured speakers; a network of “patient activists” who try to influence legislation relevant to kidney disease; and Renal Teen Prom, an annual event for high school students with kidney disease. It also publishes an online newsletter, the Kidney Times, available at www.kidneytimes.com.

(877) 444-2398

The Kidney Trust’s mission is to promote awareness of kidney disease through education and screening programs, with the goal of early diagnosis so that progression to kidney failure can be delayed or prevented for more people. It sponsors an annual KAT (Kidney Awareness Time) Walk, which takes place in cities across the United States. The Web site also has information about kidney disease, including a “Kidney Diagnosis Guide,” with information on risk factors for kidney disease and how to minimize them.

(800) 891-5390

The NKUDIC is a service of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, part of the federal National Institutes of Health; it exists to provide medical information to the public. The Web site serves as a portal to information on nearly every kidney-related topic imaginable. It also has statistics about kidney disease, links to information on clinical trials, overviews of risk factors and preventive measures, and a variety of publications that can be either viewed or ordered online.

Dialysis and transplant resources

This Web site lets users search for dialysis centers in the United States based on location or the name of the center. For those without Internet access, DialysisCenters.org also publishes a printed listing of centers that is available for purchase by calling (702) 448-4417.

(888) MY-KIDNEY (695-4363)

DaVita is the largest provider of dialysis services in the United States. It offers a program called KEY (Kidney Education and You) Connections, which is aimed at anyone concerned about, at risk for, or currently living with kidney disease. The free program includes an e-mail and print newsletter, other printed educational materials, online educational courses, and in many locations, in-person classes. You can sign up for the program on the Web site or over the phone.

The DaVita Web site has links to find a kidney doctor or a dialysis center, recipes and other food-related resources, and information on kidney disease, including educational videos. There are also blogs and forums on kidney-related topics.

(800) 936-1627

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