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Making Your Meter Work for You

by Laura Hieronymus, MSEd, APRN, BC-ADM, CDE

Your next meter
When it comes time to replace your current meter, think about what features might make monitoring easier for you, and shop around for a new model that has those features. For instance, the size of the meter and the test strip may be a deciding factor. You may want a meter that is very compact and therefore easy to transport; alternatively, finding a meter with a large, easy-to-read display screen may be your priority. Other questions to ask yourself may include:

• Am I interested in basic features only? Or do I want a meter with advanced features, such as graphing of results, ability to add carbohydrate values, and other functions that may be useful day-to-day?

• Do I want a memory feature (where the meter stores results, allowing me to scroll back through and record them at a later date)?

• Is there the option to upload my results to a computer program at home? Can my physician upload results in the office?

• Does my diabetes care team have experience with this meter to assist me with it, if needed?

• What kind of customer support is available and what are the company’s hours of operation?

• Is the meter (and supplies) affordable and/or covered by my medical insurance plan?

Some or all of these questions may apply to you. When choosing a new meter, think about which options are most important and what will help you most on the path toward optimal blood glucose control.

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