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Blood Glucose Monitoring
What's in It for Type 2?

by Johanna Burani, MS, RD, CDE

  • Monitoring allows you to see patterns in your blood glucose levels, which can help you and your health-care provider better match the timing and dose of your diabetes medicines with your eating and exercise patterns.
  • Monitoring provides valuable information during periods of illness, helping you to adjust your diabetes regimen, if necessary.
  • Ultimately, blood glucose self-monitoring offers you an opportunity to take an active role in managing your diabetes. It provides you with the most immediate feedback you can get about how your body responds to actions you take deliberately, as well as to unexpected occurrences you didn’t plan. It allows you to have an ongoing “conversation” with your body every time you use your meter. The information you gather through monitoring your blood glucose can help you build confidence in your ability to manage your diabetes. A tiny drop of blood a few times a day is a small price to pay for all these benefits — don’t you think?

    Sam thinks so. In nine months, he lost 25 pounds, lowered his A1C to 5.9%, maintained a blood pressure reading of 118/70 mm Hg — all without any medication increases. He saw improvement in a balance problem he had had when walking that was due, at least in part, to his weight loss.

    “I’ve never seen such good results,” said Sam. “My doctors keep praising me. I let them think I’m working very hard at managing my diabetes, but really all I do is follow my meal plan, exercise, and test, test, test!”

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