Tips on Diabetes Self-Management

Where should you never place insulin while traveling?

How should I dispose of my used sharps (lancets, syringes, etc.)?

Always place used lancets, syringes, and other sharp devices in a hard, firmly closed container that is clearly marked “used sharps” before disposing of them in the trash — not the recycling bin. Specific guidelines for disposal vary by state.

Learn more about sharps disposal here.

Can I get off insulin with good self-management? Show Tip

If you have Type 2 diabetes, how do you know when it's time to begin taking insulin? Show Tip

Does needing to take insulin mean that I've failed at managing my diabetes? Show Tip

Why do I need to rotate my injection sites? Show Tip

How can I calculate my insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio? Show Tip

My blood glucose level often spikes after meals. What can I do? Show Tip

What is the HbA1c test? Show Tip

I'm trying to stick with a healthful meal plan, but I'm not sure how much I should be eating each day. Who could give me an authoritative answer? Show Tip

I have diabetes and cardiovascular disease. What should be my goal LDL ("bad") cholesterol level? Show Tip

My LDL ("bad") cholesterol level is 125 mg/dl. Should I be taking any steps to lower it? Show Tip

How can I reduce my risk of heart disease? Show Tip

Is there anything I ought to bring with me for a quick jog or stroll? Show Tip

What should I stock in my car in preparation for an emergency? Show Tip

What steps can I take to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies? Show Tip

How can I keep my blood glucose under control in an emergency situation such as a natural or man-made disaster? Show Tip

My diabetes management plan hasn't been controlling my blood glucose as effectively as I'd hoped. What can I do? Show Tip

What steps should I take at the end of a hospital stay to ensure a smooth transition home? Show Tip

How can I stay involved in my diabetes management during a hospital stay? Show Tip

What can I eat or drink to treat low blood glucose? Show Tip

What should I do if I think my blood glucose might be low? Show Tip

Are there any steps I can take in advance to manage my diabetes on days that I'm sick? Show Tip

What are some ways I can improve the quality of my sleep? Show Tip

When is the best time to add seasonings to a recipe? Show Tip

I love making soups and stews in the fall but worry about the fat content. Is there a way to reduce it? Show Tip

I'd prefer to use fresh herbs rather than the dry herbs called for in my recipes, but I don't know how much to use. Is there a simple conversion formula? Show Tip

How can I increase my chances of getting great-tasting fruits and vegetables? Show Tip

I'd like to add more fiber to my diet. What's an easy way to do this? Show Tip

Can I replace the all-purpose flour in my recipes with whole wheat flour? Show Tip

Can I use artificial sweeteners in my baked goods? Show Tip

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