Tips on Diabetes Self-Management

I like to unwind with a foot soak every evening. Is this OK for my feet?

Can I treat an ingrown toenail myself?

If you have an ingrown toenail, see your podiatrist for treatment. Don’t use over-the-counter ingrown toenail remover products from the drugstore. If you see your toenail looking red or swollen, or you see drainage, blood, or pus on your toe, consult your podiatrist immediately. This is an emergency.

Learn more about caring for your feet here.

I've always enjoyed getting pedicures. How can I continue this practice while ensuring that my feet remain healthy? Show Tip

How often should I cut my toenails (or have them cut by my doctor)? Show Tip

Why might I want to have a podiatrist cut my toenails? Show Tip

I often get infections after clipping my toenails. Why might this be? Show Tip

My toenails are constantly snagging on my socks. What can I do? Show Tip

What is the best way to clip my toenails? Show Tip

How should I handle a minor cut on my foot? Show Tip

I have an irritating corn on my foot. Can I remove it with an over-the-counter product? Show Tip

How can I keep the skin on my feet healthy? Show Tip

I have low vision. What are some techniques I can use for my daily foot examination? Show Tip

What are some basic steps I can take to ensure the health of my feet? Show Tip

How can I increase blood flow to my feet? Show Tip

My foot ulcer has healed. Is it still necessary to see my podiatrist (foot doctor)? Show Tip

Might a topical disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide help my foot ulcer heal? Show Tip

How can I maintain the health of my feet if I have peripheral neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease? Show Tip

What are some signs of peripheral vascular disease? Show Tip

How can I avoid ever having a low blood glucose level? Show Tip

I experience symptoms of hypoglycemia even when my blood glucose levels are in range. Why might this be? Show Tip

What are some causes of hypoglycemia? Show Tip

What is considered to be a low blood glucose level? Show Tip

How can I guard against nephropathy (diabetic kidney disease)? Show Tip

How can I lower my risk of developing retinopathy (diabetic eye disease)? Show Tip

What's an important step I can take to maintain my blood glucose control while in the hospital? Show Tip

What steps should I take when visiting a new doctor? Show Tip

I frequently experience episodes of hypoglycemia (low blood glucose). What can I do? Show Tip

I have Type 2 diabetes, and my doctor has just added insulin to my treatment regimen. Why might this be? Show Tip

My diabetes management has taken a backseat to other areas of my life recently. How can I make my management plan simpler while I deal with other things? Show Tip

What should I do if my diabetes supplies are too expensive? Show Tip

I'm having a difficult time handling my diabetes. What can I do? Show Tip

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