• donna

    I have tried orthopedics, neurologists, internist, pain management. I decided to quit trying to find out what’s causing the pains and just treat the symptons instead.

  • Barbara Fiedler

    @donna, I would love to treat the symptoms….how?? Can’t get drugs, and can barely move shoulder and hand. Can’t get doctor to listen about pain. Went to pain doctor and he was only interested in pain in back. So, ok, I went along with that. I let him treat it, then I went back and said, ok, now the shoulder. He sent me to rheumatology! They sent me back to my primary care who told me to try my pain doctor “just one more time”!

    • sandy

      Barbara Fiedler– I cant take medication, but i injured my hands and shoulder, so i do my own therapy. the one most affective is standing next to a wall armlength away, place hand on wall climbing the wall with my fingers , up and down for as long as you can take it, then same amount of time every day. try it, it cant hurt you anymore than you are

  • Sharon Pierce

    I have a lot of pain in my hands but most of the time its in my lower back

  • Jan Whiteaker

    Nothing seems to help in the homeopathic line. I tried everything listed for pain. I went this route because my primary won’t prescribe pain meds for me as the only ones that may work are narcotic. What’s left to try?