Diabetes Self-Management Surveys

Each week, DiabetesSelfManagement.com posts a new survey to get your opinion on the most current topics in diabetes care. Here is a list of survey topics–just click on a link below to let us know what you think!


This week, Amy Campbell blogged about more “super fruits” in her latest entry, “Food Group Superfoods: Fruit (Part 4).”

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Swine Flu

This week’s Breaking News feature, “Protecting Yourself from Swine Flu,” shares advice on steps you can take to protect yourself from a possible swine flu pandemic.

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Calorie Counting

This week’s Article of the Week, “Calories: The Key to Weight Control,” explains how keeping track of the calories you eat can help you stay in control of your weight.

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In her blog entry this week, “Food Group Superfoods (Part 1),” Amy Campbell sings the praises of quinoa.

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Drugs and BG level

This week’s Article of the Week, “Drugs That Can Worsen Diabetes Control,” profiles some drugs that are known to affect blood glucose levels.

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Carbohydrate Restriction: An Option for Diabetes Management
Some people find that decreasing the amount of carbohydrate they eat can help with blood glucose control. Here’s what to know about this approach.

Insulin Patch Pumps: A New Tool for Type 2
Patch pumps are simpler to operate than traditional insulin pumps and may be a good option for some people with Type 2 diabetes who need insulin.

How Much Do You Know About Vitamins?
Learn what these micronutrients can and can’t do for you.

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