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How sweet it is! Don’t look now, but there’s a heaping helping of dessert bliss headed your way. Seven delicious, dazzling — dare we say decadent — desserts, all with a healthy twist. And no wonder! Developed by award-winning pastry chef Alice Medrich exclusively for Diabetes Self-Management magazine, 7 Days of Divine Desserts is our first “thank you” gift to you.

Discover the “overnight” trick for rich, gooey brownies with almost no fat… the secret spice that makes a simple cake super-special… and how coffee wakes up chocolate — so a little tastes like a lot. Best of all, every one of these sweet sensations is easy to fit into a diabetic meal plan.


Put the easy, flavor-boosting secrets of four-star chefs to work in your very own
kitchen. It’s a snap with your Flavor Finder — a handy, laminated herb
and spice chart!

What’s the difference between bland, boring food… and rich, mouthwatering
flavor? Herbs and spices! Use these “secret ingredients” like a magic wand to wake
up the taste of everything you cook.

And here’s the big benefit for people with diabetes — you’ll be adding delicious flavor
without any unwanted fat, sugar, or salt.


Kitchen-test your personal copy at home for 21 days and get 2 FREE GIFTS! Order Meals & Menus for 1 or 2 right now.