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It's a handy mix-and-match meal planner, a gold mine of healthy eating tips, and a fabulous cookbook filled with fresh, easy, mouthwatering recipes for one or two!

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Meals & Menus for 1 or 2

Take the guesswork out of healthy eating with hands-on help from the people you trust. We did all the planning — you just flip and feast! You’ll find an incredible 27,000 breakfast-lunch-dinner-snack combinations to tempt your taste buds. Like magic, every combination automatically adds up to the right calories, exchanges, and carbohydrates to help you control your diabetes. You can’t go wrong.

At last you’ve found a foolproof menu planner that helps you eat happy, stay healthy with diabetes. If you’re cooking for one or two food-loving people, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this amazing book.


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What’s cooking for one or two? Just about anything you want, thanks to an exciting new book created just for you and your special food needs! It’s Meals & Menus for 1 or 2. A book that makes it downright easy for you to enjoy good health — AND great food. In fact, it’s so handy, so clever, so tasty — you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Swap the too-big recipe woes for the just-right recipe glow!

No more cooking for a crowd — and eating leftovers all week. No more cutting back recipes. No more guesswork. Now you’ll dig into finger-licking favorites — like Baked Eggnog French Toast with Blueberry Sauce… Chunky Shrimp Chowder… Pizza Pork Chops with Mozzarella Cheese… Homemade Apple Crisp… and so much more.

You’ll love cooking these delicious dishes from just a few simple ingredients. And every recipe is just right — the perfect size for one or two servings.

We did all the planning — you just flip and feast!

Now you can plan a day of delicious, healthy eating in no time flat! Just flip the pages, mark your choices with the built-in flap… and you’re set.

Even better, you’ll never get bored because Meals & Menus for 1 or 2 gives you 27,000 different menu combinations. Best of all, every single one adds up to the right number of calories, exchanges, and nutrients — automatically! You can’t mess up.

There’s a world of healthy eating pleasure waiting for you inside Meals & Menus for 1 or 2. See how simple it is to eat great, lose weight, and follow your meal plan!

Marjorie Hollands is one of Canada's best known diabetes educators. For more than 20 years, she was the chief dietitian at the Tri-Hospital Diabetes Educations Centre, Sunnybrook, and Women's College Health Science Centre, Toronto. She is a former chair of the National Nutrition Committee of the Canadian Diabetes Association and is coauthor of our first meal planner, Quick & Easy Meals and Menus.

Margaret Howard is a registered dietitian and food consultant to government and industry. She has written and coauthored a number of cookbooks, including our first meal planner, Quick & Easy Meals and Menus, which she wrote with Marjorie Hollands.


Nutrition analysis of recipes and menus


How to use this book

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks

Introduction, Menus, and Recipes

Appendix 1: Breakfast cereals
Appendix 2: Steps to speedier cooking
Appendix 3: Vegetable cooking guide
Appendix 4: Alcohol and special occasions
Appendix 5: Food definitions and procedures
Appendix 6: Stocking your refrigerator, freezer, and cupboard


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