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Diabetes knowledge and information that's available instantly — organized by subject and covering virtually every aspect of your health and your life! All right here in The Best of Diabetes Self-Management.

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The Best of Diabetes Self-Management

When you have diabetes, up-to-date, authoritative information on nutrition, the latest drugs, medical advances, self-help strategies, and exercise is crucial to managing your health and enjoying life to the fullest. That’s why we put together The Best of Diabetes Self-Management — solid, reliable information on everything you need to know about managing your health, all in one book. No other book begins to approach the wealth of information contained in this single book — expert advice in clear, easy-to-understand language on every aspect of diabetes management.

Whether you have just been diagnosed or have been involved in your own diabetes treatment for many years, The Best of Diabetes Self-Management will give you information that will allow you to take charge of your diabetes and your physical and emotional well-being.


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Finally, a medical and lifestyle reference book that’s all about you and the life you lead. From the most trusted magazine in its field, this is the only book that addresses the health-care topics that every person with diabetes needs to know about.

A first-ever compilation of the most important and most useful articles ever published in Diabetes Self-Management, annotated, revised, expanded, and brought right up to the minute!

The Best of Diabetes Self-Management is divided into commonsense sections by topic. And it’s full of answers to questions that people like you grapple with every day.

How do you cope with the diagnosis? How do you get the most from a doctor’s visit? How can you lower your risk of heart disease?

Do you know which vitamins and minerals can help you? Which can be harmful? Which are just plain worthless? What about aspirin? Herbs?

Are you aware that exercise can prevent blood sugar highs and lows? That you can — and should — exercise even if you have complications?

If it’s on your mind...it’s covered in The Best of Diabetes Self-Management. Order your RISK-FREE copy today!

Written by 64 of the nation’s most prominent diabetes specialists — medical professionals who help people with diabetes on a daily basis, providing the guidance and solutions you need to successfully manage your diabetes.

Basic Information

Dealing With Feelings

Blood Glucose Control

Insulin and Injection Devices

Drugs and Dietary Supplements

Cardiovascular Health

Diabetes Complications

Foot Health


Nutrition and Meal Planning

Preventive Health

Women’s Concerns

For Parents

Diabetes Quizzes

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