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We take the most frequently asked questions on specific topics — important, sometimes pressing questions — and give you expert answers in down-to-earth language.

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Diabetes Self-Management Answer Book

Where can you find 501 fast, expert answers to keep you healthy with diabetes? RIGHT HERE!

One of the best ways to get the information you need is to ask questions. That’s what we do in this book. Here in plain language is the shared knowledge and wisdom of more than a dozen physicians, educators, dietitians, exercise specialists, researchers, and medical writers. The Diabetes Self-Management Answer Book brings you information you can apply right away to the management of your diabetes and ideas and techniques to help you take better care of yourself right now and for many healthy years to come.

Organized for quick access, this book groups the most frequently asked questions about diabetes into nine broad subject areas. Whatever subject is on your mind, you’ll get the answer you’re looking for quickly and conveniently.


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When you need answers, you’ll find them fast in this all-new hands-on guide. The Diabetes Self-Management Answer Book is the easy-to-use reference you’ll consult again and again to improve your health. You’ll recognize the friendly format from the popular Q&A column in Diabetes Self-Management magazine.

Forget about searching through piles of magazines and pamphlets, online, or through other scattered sources. You’ll find all the facts you need in the book that’s specially designed to give you answers swiftly and conveniently.

Perhaps you’ve wondered… How do I know if my diabetes medications are working? What can I do to make having diabetes less stressful? What if I forget to take my medication? You’ll put your finger on the answers to these questions and hundreds more in no time with the Diabetes Self-Management Answer Book.

Organized for quick access, the book groups your most frequently asked questions into nine broad subject areas. You’ll find helpful, easy-to-follow advice on managing your overall care, planning delicious and healthful meals, understanding how your medications work, and much, much more!

When you need answers to your questions about diabetes, you’ll find them fast in this unique, hands-on guide. Every time you open this book, you’ll come away with information you can use right away. Use it often, and use it in good health.

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Written by 13 diabetes experts — physicians, diabetes educators, researchers, and writers from some of the nation’s top health-care institutions and universities who have counseled and treated people with diabetes for many years.


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Daily Living

Meal Planning

Blood Glucose Monitoring


Weight Loss

Exercise and Fitness


Successful Aging


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