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Insulindependence, a diabetes and sports association focused on providing exercise-related resources for people living with diabetes, will be hosting two canoe trips for youth with Type 1 diabetes next month.

The trips, which will be guided by experts in backcountry canoe tripping from the group Wilderness Inquiry, are intended to help participants “share and learn about diabetes on a wilderness adventure with their peers.”

The first trip, taking place from August 6–9, is open to youth ages 9–12 with Type 1 diabetes and will be taking place along the St. Croix River in Minnesota. The second trip, taking place from August 6–10, is open to youth ages 13–17 with Type 1 diabetes and will be taking place on the Namekagon River in Minnesota.

Both trips will include two Wilderness Inquiry guides, one to two Insulindependence staff or volunteers who have diabetes, one medical volunteer, all meals and snacks, tents and group camping gear, canoes, paddles, personal flotation devices, and transportation between Minneapolis and the launch points. An orientation dinner for participants in both excursions (which is also open to parents) will take place in Lake Elmo Regional Park on Wednesday, August 6.

Through the support of the Pamela C. Lane Youth Endowment, these programs are free for Insulindependence members. Space is limited.

To learn more about the trips, and to become a member of Insulindependence, visit the organization’s website.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.


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