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Just in time for American Diabetes Month, Joslin Diabetes Center has added a series of six free, short videos to its Web site. The series, entitled Staying Healthy with Diabetes, features expert physicians from Joslin Clinic and presents information about six important medical tests that people with diabetes should have done regularly to keep tabs on their health. These tests are the HbA1c test (or A1C test, which indicates blood glucose control over time), blood pressure test, eye exam, foot exam, kidney function test, and lipid profile (which includes cholesterol and triglycerides).

Each video focuses on one test, with a specialist explaining what the test measures and what the results should be. Some of the videos also feature footage of the tests being performed in the doctors’ offices. The specialists also offer advice on measures you can take to prevent or improve test results that are out of range.

The video series adds an audiovisual component to the Joslin Web site’s collection of educational materials.

Founded in 1898, Joslin Clinic was the world’s first diabetes care facility and is now a world leader in the field. Affiliated with Harvard Medical School, it is the largest institution in the world devoted exclusively to diabetes research, care, and education. Joslin employs the most physicians who specialize in diabetes and its complications and has the largest staff of Certified Diabetes Educators, or C.D.E.’s (including The Diabetes Self-Management Blog’s dietitian, Amy Campbell). Joslin Diabetes Center is headquartered in Boston, Massachussetts, and has affiliates in 14 states as well as in Bahrain and Canada.

You can read more about the Staying Healthy with Diabetes video series and the six tests it profiles, as well as find links to the videos themselves, at www.joslin.org/1083_3691.asp.


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