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Tara Dairman

Tara Dairman

Tara Dairman is a former Web Editor of DiabetesSelfManagement.com.

2008: The Year in Diabetes

Zetia May Help Protect Arteries in Type 2’s

Fibrate Drug Alone Doesn’t Cut Heart Risks for Type 2’s

Cancer Drugs Reverse Type 1 Diabetes in Mice

World Diabetes Day

Calories, Carb Counts Coming to Philadelphia Menus

Insulin Syringe Recall

The Rising Costs of Treating Type 2

Updated Guidelines for Treating Type 2

Fighting Fatty Liver With Exercise

Free Depression Screening, In Person and Online

California Chain Restaurants Will List Calories

Disability Law Amendment May Benefit People with Diabetes

Study Shows Real Benefit from CGMS

Early Blood Glucose Control Protects Years Later

Is Online Diabetes Education For You?

Tight Control in the Hospital Questioned

Byetta and Pancreatitis: What You Should Know

Drug Combo Linked to Increased Health Risks

Kidney Disease: Learn the Symptoms

Diabetes Treatment and Alzheimer Disease

Knocking Out Prediabetes

New Combination Drug Approved

Diabetes Linked to Hearing Loss

Tight Control and Cardiovascular Disease (Part 3): VADT

Tight Control and Cardiovascular Disease (Part 2): ACCORD

What’s Your eAG? You’ll Know Soon…

Tight Control and Cardiovascular Disease (Part 1): ADVANCE

Quitting Smoking as a Group

Two Diabetes Contests Encourage Creativity

Low-GI Diet May Help Kids With Type 1

"National Diabetes Goal" Set

Red Wine and Tea: Good for You?

Foot Ulcer Treatment Linked to Death from Cancer

Exubera May Be Linked to Lung Cancer

Kidney Fund Contest Opens to Young Artists

Actos May Help Slow Heart Disease

Two Lipid Drugs May Be Better Than One

Keeping the Weight Off

FreeStyle Navigator CGMS Approved

ADVANCE Study Contradicts ACCORD Findings

Blood Pressure Rising…What Can You Do?

Can Exercise Fight the Aging Process?

Gastric Banding May Help Reverse Type 2

The ACCORD Trial Findings: What You Should Know

Caffeine May Affect Blood Glucose Levels

Cholesterol Drug Can Now Treat Type 2

Vytorin Study Results Disappoint

Symlin Now Available in a Pen

ADA’s New Guidelines OK Low-Carb Diets for Weight Loss

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