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Tara Dairman

Tara Dairman

Tara Dairman is a former Web Editor of DiabetesSelfManagement.com.

Bayer Recalls Faulty Test Strips

Happy Holidays!

Study Finds New Risks for Avandia

If the Shoe Fits…

Avandia: New Warning and Findings

National Diabetes Month, Weeks 4 & 5: At-Risk Populations and Youth

National Diabetes Month, Week 3: Around the World

National Diabetes Month, Week 2: Employees

National Diabetes Month, Week 1: Caregivers

Get Your Flu and Pneumonia Shots

Exubera Inhaled Insulin Discontinued

Treating Depression Through the Workplace

Cinnamon—Not So Useful?

Warning About Possible Meter Malfunction

Diabetes Self-Management Launches Redesigned Web Site!

Actos Tops Avandia in Heart Safety Studies

Symlin May Help Obese People Lose Weight

New Research Focuses on Blood Pressure Control (Part 2)

What We’re Reading: Type 1 Diabetes Conference Survey

Recipe of the Week: Under-the-sea pockets

Article of the Week: To Pump, or Not to Pump?

New Research Focuses on Blood Pressure Control (Part 1)

Is Obesity "Catching"? And Should It Be Diagnosed?

Recipe of the Week: Dill dip

Article of the Week: School Planning 101

Two Standard Blood Tests May Get an Overhaul

Recipe of the Week: Cool tomato, cucumber, and onion toss

Article of the Week: Disease, Treatment, and Oral Health

Panel Recommends That Avandia Stay on the Market

Recipe of the Week: Fantastic fruit medley

Article of the Week: Spiritual Self-Care and the Use of Prayer

More Good News About Exercise

Recipe of the Week: Chocolate mocha pudding

Article of the Week: Sexual Wellness

More Trouble for Avandia; Alternative Drugs Reviewed

Recipe of the Week: Indian summer stew

Article of the Week: Getting to Know Ketones

Diabetes Mentoring Program Proposed

Recipe of the Week: Mango ice

Article of the Week: Managing Hyperglycemia

Lipid-lowering Drugs Help Avert Neuropathy, Stroke

FDA Issues New Supplement Rules

What We’re Reading: 10 Best Diabetes Web sites

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Article of the Week: Meditation and the Art of Diabetes Self-Management

New Risk of Smoking Found for Type 1

Recipe of the Week: Spicy grilled tilapia

Article of the Week: Be Aware of Hypoglycemia Unawareness

Seven-Day Continuous Glucose Monitor Approved

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Article of the Week: Choosing Dental Care

New Data on Avandia; New Warnings for TZD Drugs

Recipe of the Week: Banana-berry smoothie

Article of the Week: Foot Care: Drugstore Do’s and Don’t’s

Avandia Update

What We’re Reading: Charges Against Doug Burns Dropped

Chromium Supplements Show Little Benefit in New Study

Type 2 Drug Avandia Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attacks

Recipe of the Week: Pear and peanut butter breakfast stacks

Article of the Week: Preventing Coronary Heart Disease

Psychological Technique Helps Women With Diabetes Lose Weight

What We’re Reading: Special Workstation Burns Extra Calories

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Article of the Week: Selecting an Insulin Program for Type 1 Diabetes

Good and Bad News About Diabetes and Cancer

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Article of the Week: Carbohydrate Factors

Low Blood Glucose Doesn’t Affect Long-Term Brain Function

Recipe of the Week: Two-minute turkey wrap

Article of the Week: Getting a Hand from Social Agencies

Low Testosterone Levels and Type 2 Diabetes

Recipe of the Week: Chicken, broccoli, and rice bake

Article of the Week: Go Ahead, Pick Your Pump

New Meter and Pump Models Hit the Market

What We’re Reading: Arthritis Drug Researched for Treating Diabetes

Recipe of the Week: Berries with brown sugar cream

Article of the Week: Boning Up on Bone Health

Experimental Type 1 Treatment Meets Early Success

What We’re Reading: Hypoglycemia Mix-Up Leads to Arrest

Recipe of the Week: Carrot oat bran muffins

Article of the Week: Diabetes and Your Marriage

New Combination Diabetes Drug Janumet Approved

What We’re Reading: Diabetes Research

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Article of the Week: Teaming Up for Better Diabetes Control

Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Increased Parkinson Risk

What We’re Reading: Adam Morrison Receives AACE Award

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Approved for Kids

What We’re Reading: Symlin and Pregnancy

Recipe of the Week: Country French barley vegetable potage

Article of the Week: Getting Down to Basals

Inhaled Insulin Passes Test for Safety

Second Diabetes Drug Linked to Increased Fractures

What We’re Reading: More on Depression, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

Recipe of the Week: Yogurt dip

Article of the Week: Urinary Incontinence

What’s For Breakfast? Whole Grains and Calcium!

What We’re Reading: Be On Diabetes TV

Diabetes Drug Linked to Fracture Risk

What We’re Reading: Exubera Floundering?

Article of the Week: Exercising With an Insulin Pump

New Guidelines for Lowering Women’s Heart and Stroke Risks

What We’re Reading: Splenda vs. Stevia

Trans Fat Alternative May Raise Blood Glucose

What We’re Reading: Diabetes and Disordered Eating

Recipe of the Week: Simple grilled salmon

Article of the Week: Heart Attack

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction: Two New Studies

What We’re Reading: Diabetes in the Budget

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Article of the Week: Dealing With Meal Plan Blahs

Two Studies Call for Online Participants

What We’re Reading: The Western Diet

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Article of the Week: Tools and Techniques for Visual Impairment

How Much of a Risk Factor is Ethnicity?

What We’re Reading: Interview With an Exubera User

Recipe of the Week: Roasted garlic–Parmesan cauliflower

Article of the Week: Healthy Aging With Diabetes

Taking Foot Temperature Helps Prevent Ulcers

Byetta Approved for Use With TZDs

What We’re Reading: The O.C. New Me Challenge

Recipe of the Week: Orange pecan whole wheat scones

Article of the Week: Eight Tips for Managing Diabetes Distress

DiabetesSelfManagement.com Wins Two Blog Awards!

More Counterfeit OneTouch Test Strips Found

What We’re Reading: Obesity Arguments

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