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Where’s my head this week? Gee, I wish I knew. I remember I saw the endocrinologist in March and my HbA1c was 6.5%. Lipids were normal, blood pressure was normal, and he was a happy camper.

Or maybe he just wanted me out of there, since I hadn’t showered for two days.

Wait! I can explain! I’d been in Texas, visiting a friend. I was returning to Indiana very late on Wednesday and my endocrinologist appointment was Thursday. It didn’t make any sense to go home, grab a nap, then return to Indianapolis for my appointment, so my grandson picked me up at the airport and we checked into a hotel for the night.

My last shower had been in Texas on Tuesday, and it was a major hassle to take a shower in Texas — at least, at my friend’s house — so I opted to take my next shower at the hotel in Indy.

I swear the shower at the big-name hotel was worse than the ones in my friend’s house. In fact, the whole bathroom sucked. And the room was too small to maneuver well. I so wish I knew what I was getting when I booked an accessible room. Just a little note, along the lines of “this room will not meet Jan’s standards,” would do.

Too much is definitely better than too little in some cases. Like in the case of a roll-in shower without a shower seat. Why do “they” think we need a roll-in shower? Maybe because we can’t stand up? But we can’t sit on our scooter (or, presumably, wheelchair) because they’re not waterproof.

Don’t get me started.

Weather-wise, it’s still chilly and wet, but at least the wet is now rain. It’s good, because I never cleaned up the garden last fall, and the water loosens the planting medium so I can pull stuff out. That is, as soon as the ground is dry enough to drive the scooter on to clean up the garden that probably won’t have a loose growing medium any more.

That’s the major task for this month (in addition to Passover and a colonoscopy).

May has a cruise scheduled. My traveling buddy can’t make it, so I informed my husband he was taking a vacation — with me and four 20-somethings, which would be our two grandchildren and one friend each.

We’re going to the Caribbean on one of those mega-ships with zip lines, rock-climbing walls, wave-riders, ice rinks, and all that stuff. That’s for the kids to do: I’m curling up with a stack of books. Other than that, my job is to throw a party for a 21st birthday. Something tells me adult beverages will be involved in that one.


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