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There’s a pre-fast meal to prepare, a monthly bulletin to complete, and a house to clean. But all I want to do is sleep.

I wake up sleepy from my overnight sleep, from my morning nap, my afternoon nap, my evening nap, and my in-between-naps naps.

Oh, I know what the problem is, and all I have to do is stop taking one little capsule…and endure the phantom pain it alleviates. So what is it? Snuggling under a down duvet in my bed or a down blankie in my recliner and drifting off to sleep, or constantly changing position in my chair as I try to rid my nonexistent leg and foot from uncomfortable — and sometimes painful — sensations?

I’ll take sleeping, thank you. For a while.

I’ve been going through sleeping/waking cycles for a while and couldn’t understand what was going on. At the same time, I’d been taking that particular drug off and on. I really don’t like taking drugs, so I would wait until the phantom pain got to be too much and take it for a while. Then, when things got better, I would stop.

Eventually, I sort of put two-and-two together. Then I looked up side effects and everything clicked.

Interestingly, another side effect is loss of appetite, which I’ve also been experiencing — and could use! Another reason to keep taking it.

It might not be a bad idea to check all of the medications we take. All you have to do is enter the name — either the generic name or the brand name — into an online search engine.

A woman I met several years ago was frustrated because her doctor kept telling her to lose weight — and she kept gaining, despite frantic attempts to lose, including taking a class in mindful eating. Turns out Doc had prescribed an antidiabetic medication that promoted weight gain. He denied that it did, but she was able to show him a printout that basically said, “oh, yes, it does!”

(Being able to prove your doctor wrong…priceless!)

This is short but, if you’ll pardon me, the bed calls.


  1. Have a nice nap, Jan!
    Both our mail order pharmacy and our online pharmacy supply us with handouts about each medicine we get every time we get it (oh, the poor trees!). They’re usually pretty complete on side effects.
    Pharmacist story: my Type 2 husband got a new pain med, having been taken off Celebrex because of kidney damage. I googled it and found out about side effects, interactions, etc. When we picked it up, I asked similar questions. I happened to mention having looked it up on the net and the guy was aghast. How could I possibly think I could get any good information from the internet?!? Didn’t tell him I was a librarian who was using the internet before he went to pharmacy school! It is true that you have to evaluate the accuracy of the information provider, but there are plenty of good websites out there. DailyMed http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/ is a good source from National Institutes of Medicine.

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