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Jan Chait

Jan Chait

Jan Chait was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in January 1986. Since then, she has run the gamut of treatments, beginning with diet and exercise. She now uses an insulin pump to help treat her diabetes.

Quick! Get on Your Bottom and Exercise!

In Sickness…or Just in Health?

Isn’t It Time for the Snow to Melt?

Yearning for a Nap, but There’s Too Much to Do

Going From Famine To Feast

“It’s Over There — Just Out of Reach”

Lookin’ at Blue Skies. For Now.

Trying to Travel the Road Less Traveled

Sometimes Diabetes Just Provides Too Much Excitement


Chilly With a Chance of Chili

My Drinking Problem

Friends Can Help You Get Your Move On

It’s a Wellness Program: What Harm Could It Do?

Diabetes: Where “Getting High” Has a Different Meaning

MORE Tests?

Why Do I Need to Do This Stuff, Anyway?

Basically, Stuff and Nonsense

Doctors, Doctors Everywhere — and We Need Them

Banging My Head Over Hubby’s Clueless Doc

“First, Do No Harm”

One Pill At a Time


“Normal”: More Than a City in Illinois

The Pickle (Lover) Has Landed

Home Is Where the Pickles Are

I Do It MY Way

Cupcakes and Gardens and Racing, Oh My!

Not MY Adorable, Quivering Finger!

Prescribe Insulin? Nah! Too Much Trouble

Jan Contemplates Becoming a Hermit

Did Type 2 Diabetes Have Anything to Do With Taking My Father Away?

How Was My Week? It Had Its Ups and Downs.

It’s Spring and the Travel Bug Is Hitting

Is the Snow Gone? Can I Start Planting Yet?

Diabeastie Go Home!

Climbing My Way Out of Hypoglycemia (Finally!)

The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the Tooth

Wishing the Week That Was, Wasn’t

Media Bias Skews Message

Got Change?

Would Shaming Make Me Lose Weight? Fat Chance!

Got Diabetes? Time to Go Back to School


Mirror, Mirror, on the Bed…

Home Sweet Home — Until the Next Trip

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