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Jan Chait

Jan Chait

Jan Chait was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in January 1986. Since then, she has run the gamut of treatments, beginning with diet and exercise. She now uses an insulin pump to help treat her diabetes.

Low on Support? Pity

Meters and Other Stuff

Comments, I Get Comments

Greetings From Rehab

Gaining the Tools to Venture Out

And That’s the Way It (Really) Is

’Twas the Day Before Surgery and Jan Is Too Busy to Think of Anything That Rhymes

Jan Obsesses, But Not About the Amputation. What Could It Be?

At a Crossroads: Update

At a Crossroads

Food Nannies

Of Doctors, Feet, and Protocol

Can Proximity to SpongeBob SquarePants Make You Sick?

Diabetes Is a Lot of Things, But It Sure Isn’t Boring

Diabetes Price Tag Go Away; I’d Like to Play Instead of Pay

Diabetes? Piece of Cake!

Be a Team Player or, Even Better, Be the Team Leader

Medication Mishaps Common, But You Can Avoid Them

When Health Care Turns Deadly and How to Avoid Getting to That Point

Stand Up For Yourself (Even If You’re Lying Down)

Want to Help Prevent Medical Errors? Advocate for Yourself.

Information? Who Needs THAT?

Diabetes? Who Has Time?

“Busy” Kittens Zooming Through Nine Lives

Did I Miss Anything? Type 2 Meds Arriving Too Fast to Keep Track.

We’ve Got to E-lim-in-ate the Obstacles

Reaching Diabetic Nirvana: Dream on, Alice

Relaxation on My Mind

Lemonade Isn’t Always a Drink

Changes in Health Also Bring About Changes in Insulin Needs

It’s Amazing What a Little Knowledge Can — or Could — Do

You Thought We Didn’t Do What?

Kittens and CPAPs and Hypos, Oh My!

Lemme See…Where Do I Begin?

Having “Fun” Can Be Infectious

When Comfort Comes in Pots, Pans, and Custard Cups

Sleepless in Indiana (and Everywhere Else)

Vacation Time is Looming!

Food Fights Aren’t Always Fun

Eating Outside the Box

Noncompliant Docs Don’t Do You Any Favors

New York City: Where the “Fun” Never Ends. (Part 2)

New York City: Where the “Fun” Never Ends. (Part 1)

Some Things That Sort of Go Together

Getting PICC-y About Infections

Loss of a Diabetes Mentor Renews Urge to Become a Diabetes Mentor

Fun Moments Take the Sting out of Dealing with Diabetes

Victoza Approved for Use. Should You Take It?

Bouncing BGs Lead to New Awareness

Dang! I Could’ve Had Sweet Pickles Instead!

If A = B, Can B = A?

Water, Water Everywhere

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