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Jan Chait

Jan Chait

Jan Chait was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in January 1986. Since then, she has run the gamut of treatments, beginning with diet and exercise. She now uses an insulin pump to help treat her diabetes.

The Cost of Diabetes Self-Management Education? Priceless.

Go Team!

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Fire the Doc

The Path to the New Year is Paved with Goodies

“Busy” Can Mean “Painful” in My World

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Looking Forward (?) to More Surgery. Will the Fourth Time Be the “Charm”?

Chef Seeks Help Finding Snacks. Gluten-Containing Foods Need Not Apply.

Shake a Leg!

Spending My Days In the Arms of Morpheus

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired (Not to Mention Hypoglycemic)

No Time (or Desire) to Cook? Let Your Grocer Do the Work

Eating Out

Food for Thought

I’ll Take the High Road and I’ll Take the Low Road and I’ll be Frustrated Afore Ye

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This and That About One Thing and Another

Is ‘Globesity’ the Next Factor in Global Warming?

Travel Helps Broaden Physical Abilities

Food For Thought

A Good Doctor is Hard to Find

Achilles Was a Heel

My Week? Oh, It Was Sew-Sew

Sizing up the Attitudes

Bias Weighs on My Mind

Careful, Your Prejudice is Showing

Freebies and Washing and Blood Counts, Oh My!

Habits Need Changing…But Not Mine!

Can Diabetes Education Be Music to Your Ears?

"Shape Up!" Jan Tells Herself

What’s Up, Doc…Doc…Doc…Doc…?

A Good Forum is Not So Hard to Find

2008 is Gone. Good.

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