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Eric Lagergren

Eric Lagergren

Eric Lagergren was born in 1974 but didn’t give much thought to diabetes until March 2007, when he was diagnosed with Type 1. He now gives quite a bit of thought to the condition, and to help him better understand his life as a person with diabetes, he writes about it. Eric is the senior editor for the Testing Division at the University of Michigan’s English Language Institute in Ann Arbor.

’Tisn’t the Season

How Easy It Could Be to Slide

So Many Positive Things

Diabetes in the Back Seat

It Is Thyroid Cancer

Post-Biopsy Reflections: Patients Can’t Be Passive

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Adhere to Me

Diabetes Information Overload

Maybe It’s (Diabetic) Complacency

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Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

Flu Shot, Ultrasound, Dentist, Endo, PCP, Therapy

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What Time Can Do To Diagnosis Stories

When Diabetes Is Boring

When Good Insulin Pumps Go Bad (Part 3)

When Good Insulin Pumps Go Bad (Part 2)

When Good Insulin Pumps Go Bad (Part 1)

My Morning Implodes. Diabetes Doesn’t Help.

Don’t Bring Up Diabetes, Doctor

Planning Adequately, Eating Poorly

I’m a Traveling Man Who Has Diabetes

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Best of Luck, Tara

They Had To Tell Me, Didn’t They?

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What Did You Say?

No Food or Drink Allowed

Is It Just Always Something?

Product Review: WaveSense Jazz Blood Glucose Meter

A Smattering of Diabetes Oversharing

Insurance, Skin-Prep Wipes, and Principle (Part 2)

Insurance, Skin-Prep Wipes, and Principle (Part 1)

A Rather Pedestrian Topic

For the Rest of My Life, This Month

Switching Pharmacies Is Hard on the Heart

Mundane, Yet Necessary. And Yet…

It’s Always There

Checking, and Checking Some More

A List, A Diabetes List

Am I Doing Fine, Really?

Recognizing the Need to Tweak Thought

I’m Doing Fine, Really, But…

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