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Eric Lagergren

Eric Lagergren

Eric Lagergren was born in 1974 but didn’t give much thought to diabetes until March 2007, when he was diagnosed with Type 1. He now gives quite a bit of thought to the condition, and to help him better understand his life as a person with diabetes, he writes about it. Eric is the senior editor for the Testing Division at the University of Michigan’s English Language Institute in Ann Arbor.

Here’s What I Was Going To Do

The Weather Outside and Within

The Stigmata of Diabetes

Confessions of a Thanksgiving Weekend Survivor

The Stir, or Lack Thereof, Over A Cure

Rambling About Diet (and Diet Coke)

Insulin Pumpers: Learn from My Experience

Check Check One Two

Joe the Diabetic

When the Paranoia Subsides

The Paranoid Moments

A Week In The Life

Hypoglycemia’s Dangerous Enough

In Dreams the Future

Those Three Little Words

Beware Diabetic Complacency

So How Should I Presume?

Diabetes, Stomach Stuff, and Spousal Stress

Infusion Tubing Snag and Pump Site Rip-Off (Beep Beep)

The Interruption of Normalcy

One Side Effect from a Low Blood Glucose

Regarding the Diabetes

The Problem with Responsibility

The Sound of Diabetes

The Positive Can Be Negative

Moving Out of the Fast Lane

Eat the Shelf

Blockage Detected

This Sounds Familiar To Me

Blood on My Hands

What’s the Buzz All About?

"It Turned Everything Upside Down"

A Letter to My Durable Medical Equipment Provider

Those Negative Inner Voices

Fifty-One On, One Off (Kinda)

Breaking Bad News

A Year of Helping Medical Students

P2P Diabetes

Looking Back

Taking It Off in Bed

Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Me

Welcome to Miami (Bienvenidos a Miami)

Mind Your Own Business

Forbidden Fruit

Diabetes In My Hierarchy of Needs

In Praise of the Diabetes Contact List

Do My Test Strips Define Me?

It’s 3 AM. Do You Know What Your Blood Glucose Is?

What Causes Stress and Relieves It at the Same Time?

I Get By With a Little Help From the 19th Century

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