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Eric Lagergren

Eric Lagergren

Eric Lagergren was born in 1974 but didn’t give much thought to diabetes until March 2007, when he was diagnosed with Type 1. He now gives quite a bit of thought to the condition, and to help him better understand his life as a person with diabetes, he writes about it. Eric is the senior editor for the Testing Division at the University of Michigan’s English Language Institute in Ann Arbor.

Ode to Diabetes, or Oh Diabetes

Before They Are Doctors

Diabetes, Beer, Dinner, and Medical Students

My Diabetes, My Family Centered Experience

Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 8)

Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 7)

Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 6)

What Are They Thinking? (I’m Thinking)

Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 5)

Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 4)

Drilling for Blood Glucose

Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 3)

Priming the (Insulin) Pump (Part 2)

Priming the (Insulin) Pump

Back in the Saddle

Health Care Without Crisis

Nothing Like Experience To Ease Diabetes Anxiety

Addicted to Your Self-Management?

The Ubiquitous Garden Metaphor

On Keeping a Diabetes Journal

A Diabetes Neophyte’s Prologue (Part 3)

A Diabetes Neophyte’s Prologue (Part 2)

A Diabetes Neophyte’s Prologue (Part 1)

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