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Diane Fennell

Diane Fennell

Diane Fennell has been an editor at Diabetes Self-Management magazine since 2003. She is currently the Web Editor for Diabetes Self-Management E-News and DiabetesSelfManagement.com.

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Study Links Certain Environmental Toxins With Diabetes

Neuropathy Common in Young Adults

Vitamin D Decreases Pain in Type 2, Study Shows

Exercise Directly Affects Heart Risk

For PAD Pain, Dual Approach Appears Best

Gluten May Contribute to Development of Type 1

Good Cholesterol Helps Control Glucose

Mediterranean Diet Plus Exercise Dramatically Improves Heart Health

Acarbose May Equal Metformin for Diabetes Control

Sleep Duration Linked to Chronic Conditions

Exercise May Equal Meds for Common Conditions

FDA Approves First-Generation Artificial Pancreas System

Big Breakfast Best for Diabetes Control, Study Shows

Evidence of Cinnamon’s Benefits for Diabetes

Metformin and Impaired Thinking

Family History of Type 2 Ups Risk of Prediabetes

Mouse Study Sheds Light on Cause of Neuropathy Pain

Nerve Damage and Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

Certain Antibiotics Linked to Blood Glucose Swings

Exercise to Reduce Stroke Risk

Severe Lows Occur Often in People With Type 2

Eating Nuts May Lengthen Life

Insulin Infusion Set Recall

Further Evidence for Salsalate in Type 2 Diabetes

Vitamin D in Women With Diabetes

Hypoglycemia on the Rise

Breakfast and Insulin Resistance

Walking Reduces After-Meal Glucose Spikes

Night-Shift Work May Impair Glucose Tolerance

Acupuncture Improves Diabetic Gastroparesis

Statin May Reduce Benefits of Exercise

Mangoes May Benefit Blood Glucose

Metformin May Delay Aging Process

Good News About Diabetes Control

Partially Disposable Insulin Pump Hits the Market

Another Blood Glucose Meter Recalled

Insulin Pump Recall

First-in-Class Drug for Type 2

Blood Glucose Meter Recall

Sit Less to Reduce Diabetes Risk

A Warning About Calcium Supplements

Birth Control May Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Treatment Guidelines for Children With Type 2 Established

Three New Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes Approved

Simple Steps Can Reduce Amputation Rate by Half

Clinical Trial for People With Type 2 Diabetes

Pear-Shaped Bodies Not So Healthy After All

Fasting May Not Be Necessary for Cholesterol Tests

Important Updates to Diabetes Treatment Recommendations

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