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Diane Fennell

Diane Fennell

Diane Fennell has been an editor at Diabetes Self-Management magazine since 2003. She is currently the Web Editor for Diabetes Self-Management E-News and DiabetesSelfManagement.com.

Exercise Extends Life in People of All Weights

New OmniPod Tubeless Insulin Pump Approved

Risk Factors Impact Diabetes–Statin Link

Diabetes Care Must Remain a Priority During Cancer Treatment

Drug Improves Vision in Diabetic Retinopathy

Multivitamins Do Not Reduce Heart Risk in Men

Metformin Tops Sulfonylureas for Heart Health

Airport Scans Can Cause Diabetes Device Malfunctions

Heart Risk Factors and Peripheral Arterial Disease

Vitamin K1 Slashes Type 2 Diabetes Risk by Half

Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM Approved

Largest Study Yet Links Low Vitamin D to Heart Risk

Metformin May Be Useful for More People Than Previously Thought

Obesity Itself Not a Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factor

Walking Significantly Reduces After-Meal Glucose

Low HDL Cholesterol Linked to Diabetic Kidney Disease

Chronic Stress Linked to Stroke Risk

FDA Approves Drug for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

The Obesity Paradox

Statins May Increase Cataract Risk

Simple Step to Increase Physical Activity

FDA Approves Two New Weight-Loss Drugs

Type 2 and Environmental Chemicals Linked

Generic Lyrica Approved; Secondhand Smoke Linked to Type 2

More Headlines From the ADA Scientific Sessions

Headlines From the ADA Scientific Sessions

Psoriasis May be Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes

Exercise Improves Vessel Health in Prediabetes

Waist Size Alone Predicts Type 2 Risk

Type 2s May Benefit From Earlier Colorectal Screening

Low-Carb Diet Improves Glucose Control in Small Study

Spring Book Giveaway: Winner Selected!

New Erectile Dysfunction Drug Approved

Glucose Meter for iPhone and iPod touch Now Available

New Guidelines Recommend Tailored Approach to Type 2

Reminder: Spring Book Giveaway!

Simple Step for Controlling Glucose

Another Common Chemical Linked to Type 2

Spring Book Giveaway!

Low-GI Breakfast Prevents Glucose Spikes for Hours

Peer Mentoring Leads to Large A1C Reductions

Adequate Sleep Vital for Heart Health

Development of Artificial Pancreas Reaches Milestones

H. Pylori Bacteria Linked to Elevated A1C

Peripheral Arterial Disease Underrecognized in Women

Study Strengthens Link Between Common Chemical and Type 2

Meter Recalled; New Diabetes Medicine Approved

Decaf Coffee May Improve Memory in Type 2s

FDA Approves Combo Type 2 Medicine

Once-Weekly Type 2 Medicine Approved

Effective Neuropathy Screening Tool Often Overlooked

Treat Depression Along With Diabetes for Best Results

Remote Continuous Glucose Monitor Approved

Metformin and B12 Supplementation

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