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Diane Fennell

Diane Fennell

Diane Fennell has been an editor at Diabetes Self-Management magazine since 2003. She is currently the Web Editor for Diabetes Self-Management E-News and DiabetesSelfManagement.com.

Snack Drastically Reduces Post-Meal Glucose in Study

Test Strip Recall

Smoking Common in Young People With Diabetes

FDA Approves New Type of Insulin Delivery Device

Depression: A Cause and an Effect of Diabetes

Another Benefit of Fish Oil

New Combination Drug Approved

Gold and Silver Awards for Diabetes Self-Management!

Many Delay Calling 9-1-1 in Spite of Heart Attack Symptoms

Limiting Refined Grains Linked to Lower Body Fat

Low Testosterone May Increase Early Death Risk

Adequate Sleep Vital to Weight Loss

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Experts Recommend New Approach to Type 2 Treatment

Lifestyle Changes Lower Heart Risk Over Long Term

Factors Linked to Cognitive Deficits in Type 2 Identified

Watching Your Weight? Drink Water Before Meals.

Lack of Sleep Increases Type 2, Heart Disease Risk

Green Leafy Vegetables Cut Risk of Type 2, Study Shows

More Good News About Cinnamon

A Benefit to Diabetes-Causing Genes?

Promising Findings on Plant Compound Resveratrol

Bones’ Role in Blood Glucose Regulation

New Class of Insulin Delivery Device Approved for Use with Humalog, NovoLog

FDA Orders Halt on Avandia Trial Enrollment

An Apology

FDA Panel Issues Recommendation on Avandia

Diabetes Drug Metformin May Reduce Risk of Death

Two Treatments Found to Slow Eye Disease Progression

Antioxidants in Diet Can Improve Insulin Sensitivity: New Study

Milk the Better Post-Exercise Quaff

Type 2 Cause in the Air?

New Aspirin Recommendations Released

Processed Meat Linked With Type 2 and Heart Disease

Low A1C Not to Blame for ACCORD Death Rate; Questions Remain

Bran Reduces Deaths from Heart Disease

Study Links High-Dose B Vitamins With Kidney Decline in People With Kidney Disease

Breakthrough in Treating Diabetic Eye Disease

No Diabetes Benefit from Soy Supplements: New Study

Chocolate Reduces Heart Risks, New Study Suggests

Experts Call for More Individualized Drug Therapy

Combined Insulin Pump and Glucose Monitoring System Approved

Napping and Diabetes Risk

Coffee Linked With Lower Stroke Risk

The Health Impact of Sugary Drinks

A1C Shows Predictive Advantage

New Research on Statins

Metformin Smelling Fishy? What You Can Do.

Vinegar Reduces After-Meal Glucose

Syringe Recall; Depression Raises Severe Complications Risk

New Drug Approved

Counterfeit Medicine Warning

A1C Recommended as Diagnostic Tool

Screening the Legs for a Serious Condition

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